The things people do and share with the world via social media are getting more and more extreme by the hour, but this bizarre out of Pennsylvania is definitely at the top of the list of crazy stories for 2015.

Jessica Anne Colletti, who is a 26-old-mother of a 1-year-old son, is causing quite the stir on the internet after she posted this photo on social media in honor of “World Breastfeeding Day” (who even knew that was a thing??)

In the photo, Jessica is seen breastfeeding not only her son, but also the 1-year-old son of her friend whom she babysits regularly while the friend is at work. She even boasted about the “bond” that is supposedly being formed between the two babies because of her community nursing skills.


Many on social media found the photo and the story behind it bizarre and even disturbing, to say the least. Among the reasons for why women said they weren’t in favor of the practice known as “cross-nursing” were fear of one or both children contracting a disease and the belief that nursing is a sacred bond meant to be shared only between a mother and their own child. Also coming up in the many conversations was the common topic of over sharing, with some women questioning why Jessica felt the need to post this on social media rather than making the decision to nurse a child other than her own without involving the rest of the world

Would you ever allow this to take place OR would you ever do this with your friend’s child if they allowed you to do so?

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