A pizza parlor in New York City is at the center of controversy after they made the poor decision to debut an overtly racist menu item for the month of August.

Pizza by Certe is a popular eatery located in midtown Manhattan and they received the publicity of the lifetime for all the wrong reasons this week. While visiting the restaurant, a customer shared this photo of their new menu item called “pic-a-nika” pizza on social media and as you might have guessed, it was all downhill from there.

Racism is still alive… THEY NOT EVEN CONCEALING IT – Kanye

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As is customary these days when people intentionally do racist and get publicly exposed, the restaurant quickly removed the menu item and issued a lengthy apology to those who were offended.


Uh, apology not accepted. Can you REALLY not see the blatant racism in a menu item that features the phrase “pic-a-nika” and includes watermelon, friend chicken and sunflower seeds? We highly doubt it.

Clearly this restaurant has yet to learn the power of social media….or yet to get the memo that tolerance for publicly racist antics has become virtually non-existent in the Black community at this point.

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