Every time I think Donald Trump’s presidential campaign can’t go any lower, he limbos right under the bar.

First, he warned about scary Mexican “illegals” raping and killing Americans; then Trump moved on to “anchor babies” and suggested the Constitution to revoke birthright citizenship; now the Donald is throwing reporters out of his press events (or outright banning them) when they demand specifics instead of just empty talking points.

Tuesday, respected journalist Jorge Ramos was forcibly removed from Trump’s Iowa press conference after asking the Republican frontrunner how’d he actually pull off removing 11 million undocumented immigrants from the country.

“Go back to Univision!” Trump yelled at Ramos during the heated exchange, which is sure to rile Hispanic voters.


While Trump claimed he did not know who the journalist was during the confrontation, he later told Ramos he was named in Trump’s $500 million lawsuit against Univision, Ramos’ employer.

Ramos, one of the most respected and influential reporters in the country with anchor gigs at both Univision and Fusion, had been trying to get an interview with Trump since the real estate magnate kicked off his campaign with strong anti-immigrant rhetoric. Tuesday was the pair’s only encounter since Trump began running for office.

While Trump seems intent on pandering to Right Wing nativists and offending people of color with his rants about President Obama’s birth certificate, his jabs at immigrants, and his insistence that Mexico and China are “killing” the United States, one thing is clear: Trump will not be able to win a general election if he cannot win over to the very people he seems to love to piss off.

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