Complex recently posted a video featuring a diverse group of interracial couples discussing common stereotypes they’ve dealt with when they first started dating each other.

But what it seemed to be filled with was a lot of jokes that fetishized each other’s race.

“I like my coffee black.”

“When I saw his dick I couldn’t believe it.”

“I don’t see her as black.”

Complex definitely dropped the ball and seemed to play on these stereotypes instead of addressing actual issues interracial couples have to deal with. Also, where were the LGBT interracial couples? Also, don’t Asian and Hispanic people date each other? Or Asian and White people?

In making a video about stereotypes, Complex fell into many of its own.

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  • CoolChic


  • Sparger

    The most poplar interracial couple is white man and Asian woman and it wasn’t represented at all in this video. I guess it’s really something special if you deal with a black person.

    • Me

      when i was in school i remember being told that folks always see things as black vs non-black b/c at the end of the day everybody else’s skin looks similar enough for them to get around w/o attracting a whole lot of attention (this was in reference to why there was very little non-black classmates going to the black conferences they were invited to whereas everybody including the black classmates always went to the hispanic conferences). i think at some deeper level, other minorities don’t really feel like minorities b/c they don’t look THAT much different from white folks compared to us. just my theory.

    • CoolChic

      Yep, that’s probably it.

    • Anonin

      I think thats it like an (un)spoken rule, though it depends on the person some people are actually aware enough that when it comes down to it at certain moments and times when its convenient for America you’re a no-good minority.

  • I found out that the most common interracial couple is between white males and Asian females in America. Interracial relationships are diverse just like any other relationship. It’s important to treat couples as human beings. False stereotypes are wrong and they should be repudiated regardless of the composition of any relationship.

  • LaShonda Matlock

    I’m a Black woman with an Asian man. I wanted to see a couple like us in the video…darn

  • Yvetta

    I was really excited when I read the title of this, and once I got to the article… disappointment. I really like hearing honest stories from interracial couples, but this was kind of lame. I’m in an interracial marriage. In many ways I don’t think about my husband’s race, he’s just the man I love. However, we have conversations and views on things that I know are affected by our experiences as a white man and a black woman. It can be really frustrating sometimes when he says something that comes from a place of white male privilege, but in discussing that, we both get to take a deeper look at how we feel, and the factors that contribute to why we feel that way.