NBC has been struggling to recapture its spot as king of the sitcom. Once home to series like Friends, the Cosby Show, and A Different World, NBC has just one hour of sitcoms schedule for its fall lineup. This summer, the network rolled out six-episodes of Mr. Robinson, and tonight they’re giving yet another summer comedy series a turn.

Based Jerrod Carmichael’s life, The Carmichael Show centers around the comic’s outspoken family and his relationship with his soon-to-be therapist girlfriend. The show stars David Allen-Grier, Loretta Devine, Amber West, and Lil Rel Howery.

Carmichael told the Hollywood Reporter that he wanted to write a show that was funny, but also touch on important issues in the Black community.

“I think the American television audience is more intelligent than ever. They’re very intelligent and I think that people are able to handle an argument, they’re able to handle a point of view that’s different from their’s, but a lot of comedies – not just comedies but a lot of shows are still created in the space of keeping a demo,” he explained. “I’m aware that our primary goal here is to sell more Charmin, but at the same time while doing that, I think you still can have things with perspective.”

It remains to be seen if The Carmichael Show will be able to do just that.

Take a look at the trailer.

The Carmichael Show premieres tonight at 9pm on NBC.

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  • Mico

    I love loretta devine and amber west but from the couple bits I saw….it was bad and appeared to have bad writing. I will try and watch on hulu to see if it gets better.

    • I will wait and see what the future of the show will be. Yes, Loretta Devine is a legend in acting.

      Peace and Blessings to You Sister. :)

    • Mary Burrell

      It was Pretty bad.

    • Mico

      I should have just listened to you Mary lol. I just had to go see for myself and I got to where they were making fun of black protesters and ‘looters’. It was terrible and I’m disappointed in the actors and actresses that participated in this mess. My late grandmother’s name was Mary so I should’ve known better lol

  • binks

    I couldn’t catch it tonight, but if it has a re-run I will try and watch it but based on the previews it is not on my must see TV list. But I will say I like the show Mr. Robinson.

  • RaiseTheBar

    Reasons I will continue to Must See TV, NBC, Wednesdays 9:00pm:

    1) “Loretta Divine”

    2) “David Alan Grier”

    Two super talented individuals!

    • Me

      I’m in the same boat. I caught reruns of the first 2 episodes on Hulu, and it definitely was not great, but I try to be a little optimistic with black folks before I throw in the towel. So I pledged to watch at least 3 episodes before I write it off. Normally I don’t judge any new show by the pilot episode anyway because I already know it’s purpose is just to get the network to greenlight it, so a lot of times it’s really heavy handed with the writing especially for comedies. The second episode didn’t make me feel that much better but I did appreciate the attempt to bring light to BLM early on. So I’ll give it another try.

    • RaiseTheBar

      I “FEEL” what you’ve said!

      Ms. Devine and Mr. Grier chose to
      be part of this — I won’t question why — they are the reasons I
      tuned in; so, for Me, it’s support I would show to FAMILY.

  • Vintage

    I haven’t watched sitcoms in years so nope, I won’t watch it. And that screenshot makes this show look like it came from the 1970’s. People still watch this stuff? Cranky father, doting, shrill mother, rolling eyes reaction shots, etc. Soon as I saw the very lightskinned girl I knew there would be jokes about being half white. That was funny and original when George Jefferson did it, now it’s lazy. And what is so funny about #BLM, and unarmed Black people being killed? The only time racism is addressed in mainstream American media is when it’s a comedy, or it’s White folks talking about racism which actually is a hoot.

    • I refuse to understand why its cool for tv to cast older actresses who are black but younger actresses are almost always bi-racial. Bi-racial isnt the only type of beauty black people have to offer by far.

    • Vintage

      You noticed that too, huh. And this particular actress has very Eurocentric features, not even standard Black features. And I hate to say it because I know she’s popular, but I cannot stand the characters Loretta Devine plays with hands a-fluttering, high pitched squeals. She always reminds me of that taboo Tom & Jerry episode where they showed the Black mammy from the waist down, and she’s running around with a broom hollering lawdhammercytom&jerry-lol but not really. It’s demeaning and yeah as you noted, the younger Black actresses in these shows are never the Kiki Palmers, Naturi Haughtons, etc. It’s the Cotton Club in 21st century, nothing has changed..

    • Mary Burrell

      I was bothered by the Loretta Divine character being the stereotypical mammy too. I hate to say it but how is this Carmichael guy presenting something intelligent?

    • “but I cannot stand the characters Loretta Devine plays with hands a-fluttering, high pitched squeals. ”

      She is talented but typecast.

    • I agree with you. Also, she was great in the show A Different World too.

    • And I also liked her in1st Sunday. I thought she played a good role in that movie. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from that one but I ended up being entertained.

    • First Sunday was funny movie. It deal with issues of the community mixed with humor.

    • Mary Burrell

      Because in the script David Allen Grier keeps calling her “white” It’s like that old running gag from the old sitcom The Jeffersons when George Jefferson kept calling his future daughter in law a zebra. This show is beyond old and tired.

    • sigh…

    • That is tired. That has been done before a lot in shows back in the day.