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White women have a way of espousing “feminist” ideology while at the same time marginalizing the needs and opinions of women of color. And, well, being completely racist. Of course these displays are hardly ever surprising. Black women have long known that the broader feminist movement operates from a mostly white platform, hence the need to create our own political movements and spaces like womanism and black feminism. Nevertheless, white feminism never fails to rear its self-absorbed, narcissistic head, with various actresses and public figures cropping up all over the media voicing opinions that put on display the reality that white women still just do not get the idea of intersectional feminism.

To highlight these failures, here are 7 Examples Of White Feminists Failing Hard At Intersectionality.

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  • OSHH

    White women gone white.

  • Great information. This article should be spread far and wide.

  • Hi Sis,

    Thanks for your comment. We rarely do this format – and we are not Essence or MN in terms of traffic and popularity – so therefore – in order to pay for content like this – we have to have SOME articles that offer this format. 98% of our content is single page – but for content such as this article – that is a ‘list’ format – this suits us best.

    I hope you understand – and won’t let the format of an article – and a way for our smaller website to earn revenue to produce more original content such as this stop you.


  • mywordsaremypower

    Praying Mantis Swift should be number one. She is literally collecting females and she has one token black girl and a confused Latino shes just scouting for an Asian then her collection is complete.She then can brag about her caring about woman of colour perspectives Does no one see this? She just annoys me. Shes collecting females majority of them being white females, this is dangerous. She is a snake but she has blonde hair blue eyes and she could do no harm. I’m just waiting for the day she slips up then people will be woke on her.

    • elle D.

      LOLOLOL at “Praying Mantis Swift”–I still hold Kanye’s nut azz responsible. She would have surely faded like Britney Spears by now if it wasn’t for that stage grab.

    • DiannaFran

      ^^^ This is a fact!

    • Praying Mantis. ROTFL. You a’int playing today.

    • mywordsaremypower

      I’m not. I can’t stand her, there is no appeal to her and her feminist comments are so whitesided. You wait she will out her agenda and I among others will be like I told you. I just told you.

    • I agree with you. She uses the “feminist” cloak as a means for her to claim immunity from any critique. The fact is that white privilege is no myth and the white feminists who have said inappropriate comments are just completely wrong. More are more Sisters identify themselves as womanists.

    • mywordsaremypower

      Another one that should be on this list is flubber Dunham she is a racist feminist. She get things handed to her with her white privilege you pointed out.

  • D1Mind

    The idea of ‘intersectionality’ is the issue. It dilutes black issues down to some small percentage of some ‘collection’ of issues unrelated to blackness. It is simply another name for assimilation and multiculturalism. Black people have issues because of being black. And thats it. All that other stuff is simply a distraction from the core issue when it comes to black people.

    When white people say intersectionality, they use it in the context of saying ‘black/LGBT/female’ as if to say there is some overlapping context between black, LGBT and feminism as if that even makes sense. The issue is being black and female in regards to the treatment from (white male) society. White feminism is all about getting their fair share of the spoils from white male conquest. Period. And those females only want blacks and anyone else along as tokens for their own gain. Hence black women are not represented as beneficiaries in affirmative action policies in the boardrooms and executive offices as much as white females are. Yet Negroes love lumping themselves in with something they get no benefit from. So of course this is the treatment black folks get, because instead of driving the black bus we want to be on somebody else’s bus, while they drive ours off a cliff.