New York City is never short on subway performers, but a group of kids have pulled out their violins with a cause in mind.

Siblings Lauren, Ashleigh and Christian Conner have been studying music for most of their lives, and with a recent move from NJ to NYC, the trio saw the number of homeless people.

“I saw [the homeless people] on the street and I felt sad for them,” Christian, 9, tells PEOPLE.

Zenobia and Keith Conner said their children immediately wanted to help.

She told her son Christian, “If you want to give some money to the homeless, then go out there and play your cello.”

Now the kids play at the Fulton Street station.

So far, the musicians have raised nearly $500, Zenobia tells PEOPLE. The kids plan to give the money to the homeless once they raise a large amount. But Ashleigh says that her little brother is eager to help out as soon as he can.

“[Christian] gets sad. If he doesn’t have money to give to [the homeless], he gets sad,” Ashleigh tells PEOPLE. “So he’s like, ‘I really need that money.’ “

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