There’s no shame in Amber Rose’s game. And she has a sense of humor to go along with it. Rose, who has been slut shamed endlessly, teamed up with Funny or Die to prove that there’s nothing wrong with proudly leaving someone’s house the next morning.

Rose and Funny or Die’s attempt to destigmatize the Walk of Shame is not only hilarious, but much-needed. But of course, Rose isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and those in the cheap seats will still always miss the point of ‘The Walk of No Shame’.

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  • Me

    I like the video. I know a lot of folks won’t be able to see past “Amber Rose” to give it props, but it is well done & makes a good point.

  • I understand her point. We shouldn’t stereotype people or disrespect people just because of what clothing they wear or how they look like. Intimacy between consenting adults can be fun and beautiful. I don’t agree with Amber Rose on other issues.

  • Noirluv45

    “But of course, Rose isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and those in the cheap seats will still always miss the point of ‘The Walk of No Shame.'” I don’t think this statement is fair. I believe some people do understand the point of the video, but they have their own particular opinions. Those in the “cheap seats” shouldn’t be shamed either.

    Her point is, “Ladies, if you are sexually active, no one has the right to judge or shame you.” She’s correct; however, people label others, in particularly women (why aren’t men labeled, “sluts?”), but if a woman is a “slut” (the label they give themselves) wear it proud and keep it moving. She’s fighting to change the perception of women being sexual beings, and if that’s her calling, then I applaud her. I just don’t think everyone’s going to swallow it. Hey, but that’s life.

  • binks

    I get what she is trying to do and have no problems with it, in fact I applaud her in trying to help destigmatize something so simple (and no so simple) as sex and the act of having sex as an adult woman. However, how is this benefiting black women in particular? I think one of the glaring problems here is intersectionality. Regardless of how people feel or think about Amber Rose she is still very much a “safe” face for this movement. Sure you could argue this benefits “all” women but we see how those “all” memes and thinking doesn’t pan out in reality i.e black lives matter vs. all lives matter. So for this to truly work and for her to accomplish her mission I think she needs to partner up with various women from different backgrounds and walks of life to hone in on this message.