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After yesterday’s eff up that was Nancy Lee Grahn we obviously know that answer is yes. But while most chalked up the Soap Opera star’s disrespectful tweets to racist jealousy, its seeming like the hate might run a little deeper than we think.

See while Nancy was discrediting Viola Davis’ experience as a Black woman in Hollywood, Lena Dunham was busy shouting out everyone but the history making Black women everyone was talking about Sunday night. Peep the post below where she paid homage to essentially all the white actresses who crossed no one’s mind after the 67th annual Emmys (plus Gina Rodriguez).


When Lena got called out for not including Viola Davis or Uzo Aduba she initially responded with a snarky reply, not to mention a lazy excuse for the omission. Then it seems, like Nancy, she had to check her privilege and her post, adding in Regina King, “Crazy Eyes” and the HTGAWM star’s names to her original post as if no one screenshot the first one.



Sensing that wouldn’t be enough, Lena then carried her sleepy narrative on to a separate post honoring Viola Davis by herself that we’re pretty sure wouldn’t have happened organically, but that’s cool. All of these “oversights” just add more truth to the very issue Viola Davis brought up in her speech to begin with and prove why black women aren’t here for the faux all-inclusive gender equality agenda white women push at award shows and receive standing ovations for while trying to silence the experience of their fellow brown-skinned peers in Tinseltown. Carry on.



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  • D1Mind

    White women want the power and spoils of white supremacy. Period. They are simply acting accordingly. Black folks need to start going for power and independence. As long as you are begging THEM to acknowledge you in a system they created for themselves you will see this happen.

    And truth be told Emmys don’t threaten them. They have more clout in hollywood than all black entertainers put together.

  • ctrldwn

    The face of feminism lol.

  • mywordsaremypower

    Flubber Dunham is at it again. I cant stand her white entitled ass. She knew what she was doing and was wearing her white feminist hat. Don’t people realize, that people screenshot the stuff you say as people have habit of deleting things to backtrack. Once its posted best believe 100 people probably screenshot your post. Why is these white women cannot be contempt in their salty white tears and go and cry somewhere else. They have to be negative and let everyone know and try take the spotlight off the black female excellence at the Emmy’s.

  • vintage3000

    Personally I don’t care that Dunham did not mention Viola initially. But it’s always a chuckle when they can’t even be original in their attempted shade. Dunham used the EXACT same speech of shouting out her white sheroes in her little twitter comment, that Viola already slayed in her acceptance speech acknowledging the other Sisters who are also slaying.

  • Yurilyte

    ‘White whine’ is my favorite thing to sip on, plentiful in supply these days too