let me be black

Blacks and Asians have a long complicated history. Mostly because Asians kick us out of foreign enterprise and, as the girl in the video below points out, capitalize on all our insecurities and grooming needs by serving us with weaves, hair gels, and manicures all in one separate-but-equal breath.

We understand the hustle and, for the most part, secure its continuation, but when someone gets a little too comfortable we feel some kind of way. Case in point, the video below where a Vietnamese vine star of sorts says we need to let her be black, basically because her people supply everything needed to keep “y’all b*tches on fleek.”

According to Lipstick Alley, the girl in the video has a Black husband and “blasian” children, but we’re not sure if that makes this video better or worse. All we know is we feel some kind of way, probably because her idea of being black involves bright colored weave, lip-smacking, and a stereotypically ghetto accent. Watch for yourself and tell us what you think. Are you offended?

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