Chris Brown has a message for the Australian government: I’ve changed.

Tuesday, the singer wrote a string of tweets aimed at wooing immigration officials Down Under who issued a “notice of intention to consider refusal.”

The move comes shortly after officials in New Zealand said Brown will not be allowed into the country to perform, citing his 2009 guilty plea for assaulting Rihanna.

While Brown’s road to redemption has been bumpy, with the singer doing a couple of stints in jail since his initial arrest, he says he’s not the bad guy folks make him out to be.

Brown also said that if he’s allowed into Australia, he would use his popularity to discuss domestic violence, something he has yet to do here in the States.

Brown hopes his claim that he’s changed will sway Australian officials, but Michaelia Cash, the country’s Minister of Women, said people who commit domestic violence should consider the repercussions before attacking someone.

“People need to understand if you are going to commit domestic violence and then you want to travel around the world, there are going to be countries that say to you ‘You cannot come in,’” Cash said.

And she means it. As the former assistant immigration minister, Cash denied boxer Floyd Mayweather entry into the country when he was booked to host an event at a local nightclub.

Though Cash seems committed to keeping Brown out, others have pointed out the racial undertones of banning him, Mayweather, and other Black artists and entertainers, while letting white artists with a history of abuse in.

“Make no mistake: Chris Brown is an entirely unpleasant man whose abuse of Rihanna remains abhorrent,” journalist Clem Bastow told Salon. “But this desire to “send a message” to abusers must be consistent; as it stands – with Brown and Tyler [the Creator] having had their touring visas revoked while other artists are free to tour – these campaigns are inconsistent at best, racist at worst.”

Brown has 28 days to convince Australian officials that he should be allowed into the country. He’s scheduled to perform four shows Down Under in December.

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