Rapper Azealia Banks is constantly finding herself at the center of controversy with her outspoken social media demeanor and now she’s ruffling more than a few feathers with her views on abortion.

Azealia is no stranger to voicing her (often unpopular) opinion on whatever prominent social issues are dominating pop culture at the moment and she turned her attention to the topic of abortion earlier today, as the subject is a hot button among the 2016 Presidential hopefuls currently making their way around the country.

While Azealia was quite clear on her specific stance and stated that she is “pro-choice,” she followed up by suggesting that women involuntarily seeking abortions should only be allowed to do so three times at most, before later questioning whether or not aborted fetuses can be donated to stem cell research.

She also made it clear that she thinks making abortion illegal would be a mistake and would only result in more deaths of infants, suggesting that some women who never wanted the babies they’d be forced to have under a new law would end up “leaving babies in dumpsters.”

Although Azealia’s delivery may be a little too straight forward for some, it’s hard to argue the fact that abortions should definitely not be used as a form of birth control throughout the course of any woman’s life for various reasons.

Do you think she make a good point this time, Clutchettes?

Photo Credit: Azealia Banks IG

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