Rapper Azealia Banks is constantly finding herself at the center of controversy with her outspoken social media demeanor and now she’s ruffling more than a few feathers with her views on abortion.

Azealia is no stranger to voicing her (often unpopular) opinion on whatever prominent social issues are dominating pop culture at the moment and she turned her attention to the topic of abortion earlier today, as the subject is a hot button among the 2016 Presidential hopefuls currently making their way around the country.

While Azealia was quite clear on her specific stance and stated that she is “pro-choice,” she followed up by suggesting that women involuntarily seeking abortions should only be allowed to do so three times at most, before later questioning whether or not aborted fetuses can be donated to stem cell research.

She also made it clear that she thinks making abortion illegal would be a mistake and would only result in more deaths of infants, suggesting that some women who never wanted the babies they’d be forced to have under a new law would end up “leaving babies in dumpsters.”

Although Azealia’s delivery may be a little too straight forward for some, it’s hard to argue the fact that abortions should definitely not be used as a form of birth control throughout the course of any woman’s life for various reasons.

Do you think she make a good point this time, Clutchettes?

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  • She said “but” which means that she isn’t pro-choice by definition. So, Azealia Banks is a young woman with great creativity. I agree with her on some points and not on others. It is what it is.

  • Mico

    Although I don’t believe I would ever get an abortion, I do not believe anyone has the right to tell another person what to do with their body. I do believe that many men and women need to be educated in and use various birth control methods and safe sex, especially if they know they don’t want to have kids. I also believe that certain segments of the population, ie the poor and the young, shouldn’t be pushed into abortions. I believe that every woman should be able to choose, when that time comes, whether they want to keep a fetus or abort. If you have a child, that is a life changing decision, and if you have an abortion that is also life changing. With the exception of danger to the fetus or the mother, abortions should not be administered after 3-4 months imo. In my ideal world, abortions, birth control, wholistic sex education, healthcare, decent jobs and childcare, would all be readily available to everyone who needs it. Late term abortions would then only be necessary for those who were in danger health wise. In my ideal world idk how this would be mandated, as like Banks said, criminalizing abortions hurts all pregnant women.

  • mywordsaremypower

    There are plenty of females who have unprotected sex (WAY TO MANY TIMES -_-) , get pregnant then go visit the clinic like such a decision that is easy to make. I know a few who have done this -_- . If your responsible enough to have sex you should be responsible that you use all the precautions not to get pregnant in the first place. You would think you would learn the first time never to put yourself in a state where you could. If it has happened to you once and you have unprotected sex then lesson learnt. I’m pretty sure most woman have been in that situation before. (I’m talking about consensual sex, not rape that is a whole another ball game). Even though some may not believe it there a re lot of woman who abuse the abortion system. She is right in saying that if the USA allows right-wing nut jobs decided the fate of a woman’s reproductive organs and ban abortions, babies will be left on church doorsteps and dumpsters and will they be there to pick up the pieces? No they will to busy finding a bible verse they can use in why they cannot help out abandoned babies born out of wedlock.

    • ReallyReal

      I fully concur.

  • ReallyReal

    I’m liberal and used to think I was pro choice but not any more. When I was 27, my ‘best friend’ at the time had had 6 abortions (she was 27 too), all because she was too lazy to go on birth control. Our friendship ended around that time and I don’t know how many more she had. There is something to be said for the fact that the highest abortion rates are in the Black community. Why is this? Is it that we have no access to birth control, don’t care to get on birth control, or what?

    • PurpNGold1

      People out here are not making the best decisions in regard to BC, but the answer isn’t to take choices away. We need real sex education for teens/tweens and better access to (affordable!) BC such as IUDs, Depo-Provera, or implants. Your ex-friend sounds like exactly the type of individual who should not be a parent, anyway.

    • elle D.

      But on the real, this is where the numbers argument falls apart for me, how would you know how many abortions your ex-friend had if she never told you? The bottom line is it is no one else’s business or right to judge what someone else does with her body/life, especially if they (Society) are not willing to take up the slack and support a child who is here and needs love and care.

    • ReallyReal

      With all due respect, she TOLD me because we were BEST FRIENDS SINCE CHILDHOOD. And I DO judge her and anyone else who uses abortion as a birth control method. It is my right to do so.

    • elle D.

      That is the point, she told you, BUT you would not be none the wiser otherwise… Do what you want with your life but remember Judge not, lest ye be judged. We all have the right to live our lives as we see fit, unless we cause problems for /infringe on others…On the real to real-That is what is wrong with this country as it stands people can’t keep their judgments and rights to themselves.

    • ReallyReal

      I really don’t know what you’re arguing about? Are you angry that I don’t think abortion should be used as a birth control method?? Is that it? Have you personally had one or more abortions and have somehow projected your decisions onto my initial response? I just don’t get it. It was her personal choice to have abortions, it is her body (or yours), but it is also my right to decide whether or not I believe women who behave this way instead of availing themselves of birth control are messy. My friend was a college educated woman who was just lazy. That’s all. And this is my final response to you because I belive this is about your own decisions as opposed to what I initially wrote. Good day.

    • elle D.

      Oh pipe down it is not that serious, quit taking things so personal, I was referring to your friendship because you brought it into the original comments. But this debate is much larger than you and I, my only point is to bring nuance and additional perspective to the conversation. Please continue to do you Boo.

    • FromTokyo

      I get what you’re saying. I really don’t know where the confusion came in, but what you said made sense.