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Baltimore officials have reached a $6.4 million wrongful death settlement with the family of Freddie Gray. Details of the settlement have yet to be announced, but it’s expected to be approved by the city’s Board of Estimates, by Wednesday.

According to the Washington Post, the settlement was reached following weeks of talks between city leaders and Billy and Hassan Murphy, attorneys for the Gray family.

Beyond the financial payout, the settlement also calls for the Baltimore police department to begin requiring its officers to wear body cameras. Equipping Baltimore city and Baltimore County police with the cameras was also part of a bill Maryland’s Governor Hogan signed in May.

Last week, a judge decided that the six Baltimore police officers indicted in Gray’s death and arrest should be given separate trials and this week he’ll decide on where the trials will take place.



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  • Noirluv45

    Great news! They deserve every dime, plus more, for what they did to Freddie.

  • Me

    I’m nervous. They deserve way more than 6.4 million, but I hope the future jury isn’t influenced by this and thinks this settlement makes everything ok. I wish the trial happened first, and I’m pissed that they separated the defendants. With all that’s going on, I predict anxiety will be what does me in on that fateful day.

  • Crooked cops killed innocent people for a long time. The family of Freddie Gray deserves that settlement and then some. I’m glad that the settlement happened, but this is not justice. Justice is when the cops who were involved in Freddie Gray’s death are tried, convicted, and placed into prison. Justice is when laws that ban unfair racial profiling is made into federal law. Justice is when the community has the total power to hire, fire, and make cops accountability for their actions. Justice is when a real transformation of society exists where police brutality is the thing of the past. This situation of a black man being mistreated and allowed to die in a van without immediate medical assistance shows the world how evil injustice is. Also, we should not only expose racism. We should also expose economic injustice. Many poor people suffer depression level unemployment in some Baltimore neighborhoods while privatization and huge investments are made in Downtown Baltimore. So, I congratulate the family of Freddie Gray who received the $6.4 million settlement. Also, I realize that the police institution has occupied our communities and promoted the ideal that a passive, bootlicking community is the way to go instead of a socially active, courageous, and energized community being the way to go. I have three words for the police. We know the words. The three words are:


    What other three words were you thinking? LOL. Anyway, cops aren’t gods and we have the right to stand up for humanity.

  • PurpNGold1

    How much is left over after his hospital bills, plus the lawyers’ share?

    • Me

      There are no hospital bills since he died, but I’m sure lawyers fees might take at least a third of that if not half.

  • Baltimore Announces $6.4 Million Settlement in the Death of Freddie Gray

    Sadly, Freddie Gray was born and raised in a anti-social Baltimore Street Culture that deprived him of experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

    Like many childhood victims of our expanding *National Epidemic of Child Abuse & Neglect*, I have no doubt that Mr. Gray suffered from depression caused by a immature caregiver who failed to properly raise and nurture a young developing Mr. Gray.

    Mr. Gray’s mom introduced him to a life of hardship and struggle, and now she is cashing in on her inability to protect her child from growing up depressed and filled with hopelessness.

    I’d like to see the good people of Baltimore compensated for all the money they spent prosecuting and housing a depressed, criminally-minded Freddie Gray.

    If his mom, Gloria Darden, required social services to raise and nurture her developing son I’d like to see that money returned to the People of Baltimore because it is evident Freddie’s mom did a monumentally poor job of raising and nurturing her depressed, angry, frustrated son.

    We need to re-examine our child welfare and protections laws, protecting young developing citizens like Freddie Gray from being emotionally scarred for life by immature teen girls and women who irresponsibly begin building families before acquiring practical skills, PATIENCE and the means to raise and nurture fairly happy American kids who enjoy SAFE STREETS to play in.

    Quoting from TheRoot, /articles/news/2015/04/who_was_freddie_gray_a_closer_look_at_the_young_brother_behind_the_movement

    “Gray was exposed to the perils of substance abuse and disability at an early age. His mother, Gloria Darden, was addicted to heroin when Gray was a child. Darden is also reportedly disabled, although it is unclear what kind of disability she has endured. Darden revealed in a court deposition that she also could not read.”

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Freddie Gray, one of countless victims of early childhood abuse and neglect.