The BeyHive is all abuzz today because their favorite star turns 34! In just three decades on Earth, Beyoncé has worked her way straight to the top, becoming one of the biggest–and most loved–celebs in the world.

Beyoncé’s fierce dance moves, girl-powered anthems, syrupy sweet smile, and elusive relationship with the media has elevated this Houston girl to the top of her industry. And while Bey continues to churn out hits that dominate radios around the world, we still love Beyoncé’s older work too.

So in honor of #BeyDay, here are 7 of Yoncé’s throwback songs that still go supremely HARD.

#1 Crazy In Love

Of course this makes our list, it was Bey’s first solo single and EVERYBODY (and their mama) was doing that dance.

#2 Diva

Every woman needs a badass theme song. Bey has many, but this one still remains one of our favs.

#3 Baby Boy

Whenever this comes on you can’t help but wine up your hips! Yeah, yeah yeah, yeeeaaaaaah!

#4 Naughty Girl

LISTEN! This song right here? Put this on and dance yourself silly (while also feeling good about yourself!)

#5 Freakum Dress

The drums, the ode to Go-Go music, the hype beat…all things that make this song perfect for getting ready for a night out with your girls.

#6 Upgrade You

We love slightly hood Beyoncé, don’t you?

#7 Get Me Bodied

I mean…First Lady Michelle Obama loves it, why wouldn’t we?

What’s your favorite Beyoncé tune?

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