Because Bill O’Reilly has nothing better to do.

O’Reilly considers Black Lives Matter public enemy number #1. And on Monday’s episode of “The O’Reilly Factor”, he vowed to put them out of business. O’Reilly is pissed because he thinks the protestors and organization has something to do with the death of Texas’ Deputy Darren Goforth and the fact that protestors ‘disturbed’ the recent Minnesota State Fair by chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”.

O’Reilly really, really wants to group, like Elisabeth Hasselbeck to be labeled a hate group.

“I’m dissenting, they’re a hate group,” O’Reilly said, “and I’m going to tell you right now, I’m going to put them out of business. And any media person who supports them, I’m going to put them on this program and put a picture of them on the air.”

Oh, he means business!

Even Fox News contributor Juan Williams tried to explain to O’Reilly that the the Minnesota protest was related to the use of excessive force by the St. Paul Police Department. And that that Goforth’s killing had nothing to do with the organization.

But of course that’s just too much sense for O’Reilly to comprehend.

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  • *NmySkynn70*

    The BLM is forcing them (whites such as Bill O’Reilly & other whites who think the way he does) to look at the ugly truth that they choose not to accept/deal with. For centuries & decades of egregious actions & for enforcing their belief they are the superior/master race thru slavery, oppression, and violating the civil rights of many non-white citizens. They don’t like this movement because it threatens their security (white privilege, the modern day enforcement of their domination over all others). And of course they don’t like it, this is just them fighting back by trying to tear down the BLM movement by any means necessary (by questions the race of the brother that founded or co-founded it, & also by trying to get BLM defined as a hate group, and Bill O’Reilly’s vow to put BLM out of business.).