Nearly every little girl loves to play with Barbies, but it’s long been an issue for Black girls to find dolls to play with that look like them. Finally, Mattell has seen the light and is adding some diversity to its collection with a one-of-a-kind doll to honor teen singer/actress/dancer/model Zendaya Coleman for encouraging girls to “raise their voices and be super” based on her 2015 Oscar look and the debacle that followed over her faux locs.


This news, on the heels of the female “Sheroe” doll  Mattell made of Selma director Ava DuVernay earlier this year, got us thinking about all the other Black women who deserve a Barbie figure in their likeness.

So, to offer up a bit of creative direction we put together a list of Black barbies we’d love to see created ASAP!

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  • i mean


  • Black barbies should be promoted more. Janelle Monae and First Lady Michelle Obama would make great choices for Barbie including other women in the list.

  • binks

    I still remember the Brandy barbie doll. But I think Beyonce had a barbie doll tailored after her (and the rest of the members of Destiny’s Child). But these are good choices I would add Rihanna just for fun especially if they add all of her memorable hairstyles, fashions and accessories…lol.

  • FromTokyo

    I absolutely love the natural hair Barbies and other dolls people do, especially ones with afros. I don’t need it to be a celebrity; just natural hair and black features would be fine, with the body types reflected as well.

  • Felina Femenina

    I’d love to see Janelle Monae and Lupita dolls. They are two celebrity women who are just perfect in beauty. I think black women who work in other industries should be turned into dolls, too, though. Black scientist dolls, black dolls who code, and a First Lady black doll would be more useful inspirations to black girls than pretty black celeb dolls. This country puts too much focus on celebs as it is.