BMW has agreed to pay $1.6 million and provide job opportunities for dozens of former black employees who argued they were victims of racial discrimination.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Tuesday that BMW Manufacturing Co., in Greer had agreed to settle the suit the agency filed in 2013.

The case involved employees working for a contractor that staffed a BMW warehouse. The contractor’s policy was not to employ anyone with a criminal record within the past seven years. When a new contractor took over the company, BMW ordered a new round of criminal background checks and fired anyone with a criminal record from any year.

The commission said of the 88 workers fired, 70 were black and some had worked for the company for more than 10 years.

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  • What BMW did was wrong. Its change of policy was unfair and discriminatory, so the settlement existing is in response to evil discrimination. Freedom is a long process. We have to fight for freedom on many fronts. Discrimination should be combated and we have to use social activism continually, so more solutions can come about.

    • Me

      That’s the whole point of the PIC. Send them to jail on any petty offense, they automatically become unemployable, that keeps them poor, any little bit of money gets eaten up running the rat race, and presto: the black community becomes a self fulfilling prophecy where racists get to claim that we’re lazy, can’t ever redeem ourselves, and never try to be more than our circumstances. Systemic white supremacy at large.

    • It’s like a cycle. The people in BMW who executed that policy knew exactly what they were doing. The criminal injustice system has shattered dreams of black people for a long time. As you have mentioned, even people with minor offenses are readily restricted of voting rights and job opportunities. One point about the racists is that they refuse to express nuisance in their thinking. They refuse to see the complexities of life and they ignore the circumstances on why some people struggle to have jobs. That is why we have the right to resist. We will resist oppression.