Casting Director Jacqui Pitman

Casting Director Jacqui Pitman

Remember when the catastrophe that was Rachel Dolezal hit the internet and everyone began openly praying that trans-racial wouldn’t become a thing? Well it has and you can thank Jacqui Pitman and an unspecified cable network for attempting to take it to the next level.

Pitman Casting, a full-service reality television casting company led by miss Jacqui, has been selected by Screaming Flea Productions (the producers responsible for “Hoarders”) to conduct a nationwide casting search for a new groundbreaking television series that asks “Were you born into the wrong race?” According to a press release: Pitman is in search of people who genuinely feel they were born into the wrong racial group. Selected parties, who truly believe they have been misidentified racially, will appear on the thought-provoking series airing on a major cable network. Screaming Flea Productions, one of the country’s leading producers of non-fiction programming, will produce the series.

“The conversation of race has become an increasingly hot topic in the US and abroad,” Pitman said in the release. “With the outing of Rachel Dolezal, more and more people have come forward with claims that they too are experiencing a similar kind of racial identity phenomenon. It is our hope that this project will give a face and a greater understanding to those who feel like they were born in the wrong skin and until now have been too afraid to admit it. Our intention is that the show will garner a better acceptance of people who feel unable to live an authentic life as who they believe they really are, despite what society might dictate.”

And that at least 3 million people tune in each week to watch this phenomenon as well, right?

The casting window is short, with all interested parties needing to apply by September 25. If you’re one of them, go ahead and click the application here to explain things like what steps you’ve taken to racially transition, things you would physically change about your body to become the race you were meant to be, and what’s holding you back from doing so. Or you can spend the next week praying trans-racial TV never makes it to a cable network near you. Your choice.

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