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We know Hollywood thinks there’s only one way to show a woman in love: as a size 2 with blonde hair and blue eyes. And though we often complain about this limited image of beauty pushed out to us, one man is finally attempting to do something about it.

Michael Elliot, the screenwriter who brought us Brown Sugar in 2002 and Just Wright in 2010 has started an IndieGoGo campaign “to crowdfund a new romantic comedy that will be specifically developed and produced as a starring vehicle for another plus-size actress. Explaining this angle, Elliot wrote on the campaign site:

I loved Queen Latifah as the reassuring best friend in my romantic comedy, Brown Sugar (2002), but I loved her more in my film Just Wright (2010), where she rocked a sexy black dress in the film’s first five minutes, owned a home, was accomplished in her career, and played the film’s romantic lead – without a single reference to her weight or body type. The film’s title Just Wright summed up my point-of-view: Despite how Hollywood (and society) has viewed plus-size women, a plus-size woman was not only “just right” for the film’s handsome male character, but a plus-size woman was “just right” for the love interest in this romantic comedy.

My hope was that the film Just Wright would be the first of many Hollywood romantic comedies to feature plus-size actresses as beautiful and sexy love interests, but sadly – five years later – this just hasn’t been the case….

Unwilling to continue quietly complaining about this problem or allow Just Wright to be my only effort to affect change, I decided to step outside the Hollywood system (all of my films have been financed by major movie studios and networks).

Elliot also notes that as a husband and father of two daughters he is “particularly sensitive to society’s definition of beauty,” which is why he’s taken on this worthy cause. The screenwriter is looking to raise $1,250,000 in 60 days. With 58 days to go, he’s currently raised $190. To donate to the cause, click here.

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  • Me

    I’ll drop some coins. I’ll admit, I have one really great plus size friend who always supports me & encourages me as a sister friend, and it would be great to see a film where the protagonist reminds me of her. I watch that show Mike & Molly so I can see things from the plus size perspective and I think they do a pretty good job w/their platform. So I’m here for this.

  • As many stories as possible should be displayed about our community. Unfortunately, many films show black women in stereotypical ways, especially a Sister who is of plus size. Certainly, Elliot has every right to do what he’s doing. The game has changed with IndieGoGo and other avenues where
    independent film making can be made into a reality. Women, of diverse sizes,
    experience love, work, and other parts of life just like the rest of the human
    race. Therefore, Michael Elliot’s project can hopefully inspire other people to
    do the same and outline stories that describe the diverse personalities, the beauty, and the great intellectual strength of plus sized women.

  • Rizzo

    one of my favorite movies involving a plus size woman was waiting to exhale and the relationship between loretta devine and gregory hines. she absolutely glowed beside gregory hines.