Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.50.09 AMThe debate over the N-word never really goes away — in fact Black-ish opened its second season with a hilariously insightful look at the use of the word last night. But hours before ABC sitcom aired, David Banner took a stab at reigniting the hot topic on a random whim.

Taking to Instagram, he uploaded two video posts with these questions:

“Have you ever wondered why white rappers, or half-black rappers, or whatever you want to call them, they always wanna say the word ‘nigga,’ right? But they never say ‘cracker,’ or ‘devil’ or any other derogatory term about any other race, but blacks?

“So, this question is for the black people? Where do you draw your line? What can’t people call you? What can’t people pay you to do? When is it enough? What do you stand for?”

Other than demonstrating that he doesn’t believe in the one-drop rule, Banner’s thoughts weren’t particularly novel, but many appreciated the discourse they sparked. We’re just not exactly sure where he’s going with this internet activism movement that’s always aimed at criticizing black folks but never quite moves the needle forward.

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  • Niesha

    I agree with him… J Cole uses both… I respect him for that..

  • slick moranis

    Nobody but us go around calling each other racist terms constantly and made it a staple in our most popular music.

  • slick moranis

    Also, Eminem has called white people “honkey” before, and I think “cracker”

    ” I’m bonkers bitch, I’m the king of this honkey shit!” – Eminem

    “They shocked you back to life at the clinic but you ’bout to get relapsed any minute

    Honkey, I hit ’em up!” – Eminem

    Apathy put out an album called Honkey Kong.

    ” I’m sorry there just ain’t another cracker of my caliber. Excalibur” – Apathy

    Before Eminem it was hard for a cracker.” – Eminem.

    “Uncivilized, sub species, the cracker, the white
    Troglodyte type, I’m a carnivorous Amorite” – R.A. The Rugged Man