Dee Barnes has been outspoken about the physical violence she experienced at the hands of Dr. Dre. Although Barnes has written extensively about it on Gawker, she recently did her first live interview with Kevin Powell and Huffington Post Live.

Barnes’ assault by Dr. Dre was conveniently omitted from Straight Outta Compton, but she recounted what happened.

“Dre approached… [and] he just grabbed me,” Barnes told Powell. “I thought he was going to walk past me but he just grabbed me.” She then explained:

“I mean it’s no secret… he grabbed me by my hair and started slamming me up against the wall,” she said. “It’s a painful and traumatic experience.”

Decades later Barnes says she still suffers from major migraines and emotional damage.

“Somehow [the assault] was reduced to a joke, I ain’t no joke. I’m not. And domestic violence is no joke,” Barnes told Powell. “It’s a serious issue.”

“I had young girls watching, [ages] 13 and 14 so I got emails from young girls saying ‘You were my first experience with domestic violence,’” Barnes recalled. “I was too busy trying to survive. It was vicious.”

Barnes have proven once again, she will not be silenced. And it’s interesting to see the interview being conducted by Powell, who admitted publicly to beating a woman.

Image Credit: Getty Images/HuffPost

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