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It’s virtually every teen girl’s dream to have her favorite artist call her on stage during a concert. What’s not every teen fantasy is being groped on stage by said superstar in front of millions of people. The latter is what happened over the weekend in Baton Rouge when New Orleans R&B singer August Alsina brought a female fan on stage, serenaded her, and then began rubbing her breast.

Multiply the awkward reaction of the fan in the video times 10 to get a gauge of how most women who’ve watched the scene felt about the interaction which went viral yesterday. In a sense, what August did is nothing new. We’ve all seen clips of Usher, Chris Brown, or Trey Songz bring a woman on stage, gyrate on top of her, or even kiss the adoring fan much to the jealousy of onlookers proudly proclaiming they wish they could trade places with the so-called lucky lady. But for as risqué as some of those videos have been, breasts and genitals always seemed to have been respected, for lack of a better word, as no-touch zones. August, however, repeatedly stroked this woman’s breast as he stood behind her in a bear hug and made his way down her body to grasp her hand.

While the image left many feeling uncomfortable and asserting claims of harassment, others began questioning whether there’s a double standard when it comes to female versus male entertainers. Remember back in the day when Janet Jackson used to bring men on stage during her performances, bind them to posts, and simulate sex with them and no one batted an eye and men nodded in universal approval? Ciara even tried a PG-13 version of that during her most recent “Jackie” tour and the general consensus was she killed it. Was what they did really much different from August’s antics?

In the midst of live shows, there doesn’t appear to be time to get a fan’s consent, which is why some are reacting to this incident by saying “this is why you don’t go on stage.” But the blame here doesn’t fall on the fan. We know sex sells, but entertainers need to respect their fans’ bodies over their desire for audience reaction. If you wouldn’t roll up to a woman on the street and grab her beast, you shouldn’t do it on stage. And if you would do that to a random woman in another setting, you need help.

Of course, August sees nothing wrong with his behavior, reacting to the incident with this tweet below, showing not a single sign of remorse. Guess we won’t be getting a customary celebrity apology from him anytime soon. Do you think he crossed the line?


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