Earlier this week Kanye West had his second showing at New York Fashion Week and the results were mixed.

While industry elites seemed to enjoy the show, many the regular folk on social media thought Yeezy Season 2 looked like something out of an apocalyptic film.

Rapper turned actor Ice-T took things a step further, saying Ye’s line looked it was straight off the plantation.

Although he mistakenly tweeted a picture of Yeezy Season 1, Ice-T might not be too far off.

During the show, a drill sergeant commanded each wave of models to the stage, starting with the “light” group, which included blond-haired models with pale-colored clothing. As the show progressed, so did the models’ outfits and skin tones, until the “dark” group took the stage last.

Kanye’s wife and head cheerleader, Kim Kardashian-West, tweeted out looks from the show using the descriptors “light,” “medium,” and “dark.”

After the show, many wondered if the groupings were meant to make a statement about race and inequality in America, but according to Kanye, it was a purely aesthetic choice.

“It’s just a painting, just using clothing as a canvas of proportion and color,” he told Vogue when asked about the casting.

What do you think?

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