Diddy is taking the Associated Press to task for referring to young  victims of sex trafficking as “child prostitutes.”

The phrase “child prostitute” is frequently used by the AP in articles addressing the worldwide sex trafficking epidemic that continues to victimize under aged youth around the globe. In response to the term, a group of survivors of trafficking have now come together to launch a petition urging the AP to stop using the term to describe young people lured into sex trafficking rings.

Former sex trafficking victim and survivor Withelma T. Ortiz Walker Pettigrew has teamed up with the Rights4Girls group to bring awareness to the issue and provide additional support for her campaign to have the phrase banned. Rights4Girls is a young women’s advocacy collective whose missions include putting a stop to the way sex trafficking victims are described in the media.

Joining in on the effort to stop the use of the phrase, music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs showed his support by sending out this Tweet where he directly called out the AP and provided a link to the petition.

Dear @AP, there’s #NoSuchThing as a ‘child prostitute.’ They are victims + survivors of rape. Please sign + share: http://t.co/egIXb76rO0

— Sean Diddy Combs (@iamdiddy) September 22, 2015

Given that Diddy has three young daughters of his own with whom he is a very active father, it’s admirable and refreshing to see him publicly doing his part to support the petition and put a stop to the term.

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  • itsawonderfulworld

    I came in here expecting him to have read an AP story and actually point it out, but regardless this is good! I don’t doubt that his daughters play a part in his concern about the issue. I do wonder how he’ll further conversation. Diddy has used his platform for issues he’s passionate about, braggadociousness rap “skills” aside.

  • The AP should be called out. P. Diddy is right. These victims of sex trafficking are rape victims. We will always believe that a concrete awareness on this issue ought to be shown, so lives can be saved. Diddy has daughters and we all promote the dignity of human life. One of the ways of promoting the dignity of human life is to oppose sex trafficking. Those who exploit the lives of young victims via sex trafficking should be prison. Advancing social justice and fighting injustices are sacrosanct representations of human compassion.

  • Adebisi’s Hat

    Of course, he’s absolutely right. It’s truly horrifying that AP or any other supposedly legitimate news organization would use that term to describe children who are being/have been victimized. I’m also pleased to see that Jermaine Dupri, Van Jones, Cynthia Bailey, T.I., Chuck D, Omar Epps and other high-profile Black folks have added their voices to this important cause.