Black Twitter is amazing. In addition to talking about serious issues like police violence and the presidential debates, Black folks on Twitter also come up with the most hilarious hashtags ever.

Last year, Twitter user @fivefifths randomly declared the last week of September #DuragHistoryWeek, which kicked off a hilarious string of tweets about the now-iconic hair accessory.

Today, he fired it up again with a call for folks to post their favorite durag pics.

…and boy were they GOOD.

We love Black Twitter!

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  • Rizzo

    is this the same as the do-rag or doo-rag worn by black women as far back as slavery, or even later, and later by black men to hold their processed hair, or waves, in place … aka stocking caps. had mine on last night.

  • Mary Burrell

    I hate those things

  • The Durag is nothing new.

  • Mico

    Oh gosh lmao.

  • Umm Ashaad

    Ya’ll keep playing, some white girl will be on the cover of vogue with the caption “New for fall, these stylish head warmers, just place on the head, tie and go grab your favorite colors today ” :/

    • lol right

    • noideaisoriginal

      Too late… they tried it last year.