The use of the #AllLivesMatter hashtag has been sparking outrage in the African-American community and  with anyone in general who supports ending the police war on Black lives, so it’s no surprise that actress Nia Long is currently in the hot seat after including it in a caption for one of her latest Instagram photos.

Nia, who normally isn’t a celebrity known to be very active on social media, recently posted a photo of herself wearing this t-shirt to show her support for The Innocence Project, which is an organization dedicated to advocating against wrongful convictions.

In the caption for the photo, Nia stated: “Now is the time for criminal justice! Join me in helping @innocence fight wrongful convictions. #AllLivesMatter #reform.” Immediately after the picture went up, fans began flooding her IG comment section, taking Nia to task for her choice in including the controversial phrase in her wording.

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One follower even claimed she was one of the Black celebrities who profit from Black audiences but do little to support social issues affecting the African American Community.

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Given that Nia has not one but two young Black sons and a Black fiancé, we’d hope that she’s aware of how the #AllLivesMatter hashtag has been used by those opposing the #BlackLivesMatter movement and attempting to tear it down.

But if she wasn’t before, she surely is now.

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  • mariah asphalt

    Every time Black people stand up for ourselves in a forceful way white people become incensed. They will ALWAYS find some wrong with our protests. If we stand up for ice cream being sweet, they will find something wrong with that. I am shocked, dismayed and saddened by Nia’s stance on this. I never thought she was simply stupid and I still don’t think that. Shame on Nia.

  • Mary Burrell

    It is the black community that supported her career through out the years she needs to remember that.

  • mywordsaremypower

    When was the bon voyage party? Did I miss it? Oh well, its nice to know who wants to battle and who has another agenda. As my Nanan used to say “Let the bad go and let the good grow”.

  • Delia

    I’m glad I stopped subscribing to that magazine with Nia Long on the front covers every other month.

  • no Nia nooooooooooo!