While appearing at an Under Armour promotional event in the Philippines over the weekend, the defending NBA champion and MVP Stephen Curry gave his daughter, Riley, some major props when it came to his own dancing moves.

The MC of the event asked Curry if he could do his dance,.

“She taught me,” Stephen said.


But dancing seems to be a family affair. Recently, Ayesha Curry posted a video of Stephen dancing in the kitchen.

To be fair, Stephen is no stranger to showing off his dance moves. His wife recently posted videos of her main man dancing in the kitchen of all places proving he’s had plenty of practice.


“I believe you should let your children be children and don’t be afraid to be a parent, regardless of who’s watching,” Ayesha recently shared with Time. “At the end of the day, when all the lights dim, and the cameras are gone, we are still here as his biggest, loudest, and most supportive cheerleaders.”

And we can’t forget little Riley:



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