Over 100 teens in Missouri walked out of their high school classes on Monday in protest of school officials approving a request from a transgender student who wanted to begin using the girls’ restroom and girls’ locker room.

The 17-year-old student, who was born a male but began publicly identifying as “Lila” in February of this year, says she hopes things will die down and hopes that her fellow peers at Hillsboro High School in Missouri won’t continue protesting her use of the girls’ facilities throughout the remainder of her senior year.

Monday’s walk out came on the heels of a school board meeting filled with parents demanding that the administration put an official policy in place with regard to the issue.

One parent says he felt inclined to get involved after hearing about a female student walking in on a “fully intact” male student in the girls’ locker room during a PE class. He told the NY Times that he believes it’s a “violation of my daughter’s rights” for the school not to have a policy in place.

Meanwhile, Lila says she hopes the issue can be resolved so that other, younger transgender students will have a better high school experience than she has had since making the decision to publicly identify as a female.

“It feels really awful that people are going to these extremes against me, not just in school but all over the Internet,” Ms. Perry said. “But I’ve also received so much support. It feels really surreal to be in the middle of all of this.”

In all fairness, this student JUST began publicly identifying as a female in February, which most likely means that the majority of her peers have only seen her as a female for the last six months versus seeing her as a male for over a decade before that. Expecting there to be no push back from parents or their daughters when being mandated to share the girls’ facilities with a nearly- adult student who still has male genitalia isn’t very realistic on the part of the school board or Lila.

What are your thoughts on the female students protesting against transgender-friendly facilities at their high school, Clutchettes?

Photo Credit: AP

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