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On one hand, I get it. On the other, this may be the craziest news story, but it’s Florida. A Florida teen was arrested after fleeing cops at a Clearwater gas station. Tauras Jabriel Brown, 19, said he ran away from the cops because like “weird as f–k” white people touching him.

Police officers attempted to apprehend Brown because he walked up to a cop while holding a blunt of marijuana.

Officer Joseph May said the suspect told him he fled because “white people do weird stuff,” according to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun.

Initially, Brown walked up to May and expressed his desires to join the force, but then May allegedly recognized Brown as a gang member (sure….) and then noticed the blunt behind his ear.

When May asked the see the blunt, Brown happily turned it over and said it was a cigar.

“Is this weed?” the cop asked. “How stupid are you?”

May asked the teen to put his hands behind his back. That’s when he ran. But was soon tackled by May.

“Damn, man, all this for weed. Wow, bro, you must want to make an arrest,” Brown said May took him down.

He added: “I know I did wrong, but I don’t wanna go to jail for this … I’ll plead guilty. I’ll go to court and plead guilty. Please don’t take me to jail. Can you tell the judge I plead guilty?”

May asked the teen why he tried to run from a cop.

“I don’t like white people touching me, white people do weird stuff,” the teen said.

May pressed the issue further and asked why Brown thought white people are weird.

“Nah, I’m playing. I let you catch me,” the teen said. “White people are weird as f–k, doe.”

Brown was charged with two misdemeanors: pot possession and obstruction.

Image Credit: The Smoking Gun

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