Fox News has never been known for their overwhelming support of nearly anything positive pertaining to the African-American community and they reaffirmed as much yet again by verbally attacking late night talk show host Stephen Colbert for wearing a “Black Lives Matter” bracelet during one of his recent broadcasts.

Colbert, who has been one of a few on the mainstream (read: white) media circuit to openly voice his support for the Black Lives Matter movement since its’ inception, recently moved on from his position as a popular comedic host on Comedy Central and is now the face of The Late Show on CBS.

The first episode of The Late Show featuring  Colbert as the host aired last week, and for reasons that make sense to no one, Fox and Friends hosts Anna Anna Kooiman, Clayton Morris and Tucker Carlson decided to spend a large portion of their most recent weekend segment having an in-depth discussion about why Colbert wearing a Black Lives Matter bracelet during the show represents everything wrong with the world.

Carlson kicked off the crude commentary, suggesting that maybe Colbert wore the bracelet because he’s out of touch and “doesn’t fully understand what it represents,” before describing him as someone who seems to be of “talent and character” but perhaps made a mistake by wearing the bracelet during his first broadcast out of “self-righteousness.” Anna Kooiman then chimed in, voicing her criticisms of the BLM movement while stating that she hopes Colbert isn’t alluding to supporting “that group.”

How classy.

Unfortunately, if you’ve ever tuned in to Fox News before, then you know that this is just the run-of-the-mill on this network. As ridiculous and disrespectful as it may sound, the practice Fox News openly bashing an organization established to unify the Black community and advocate against unlawful treatment of Black people seems to be embedded in their DNA.

You can watch the Fox And Friends clip in full below.

Photo Credit: The Late Show/CBS

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  • Of course, the three hosts on FOX and Friends don’t get it. Stephen Colbert has every right to wear the wrist band if he wants to. Another thought came into my mind. Yes, I am going to go there because the truth must be told. For the past few decades, people like Anna Kooiman, Clayton Morris and Tucker Carlson have told us that if we (or black people) would just moderate our message, just be good “house” Negroes, and beg plus worship America, then we will be free. The fact is that they are wrong. American exceptionalism is imperialism in an American face. Our people have done many great things and still have been killed by the police in the streets without just cause. Moderation doesn’t work. Moderation is not liberation. It is continued enslavement under the guise of “freedom.” So, a crooked cop is a coward. When the FBI illegally monitored BLM activists, then that should be condemned. Imperialism is wrong (as there are many sources documenting how Western elites have been funding al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria, Libya, etc.).

    These hosts underestimate the courage, the strength, and the inspiration of the Black Lives Matter movement. They talk about bacon, but real protesters will never call for murdering any innocent human being. Also, they don’t condemn Bundy and his crew threatening officers. They won’t condemn Limbaugh when he has spewed racist, misogynistic rhetoric for decades. They or the hosts on that show won’t condemn many reactionaries who have spewed anti-black statements in a strong level. The founders of the BLM movement has consistently condemned injustice of any form. That liar Tucker Carlson says that BLM is racist since it focuses on black people. It is not racist for black people to unite in defending the humanity of black people at all. There is nothing racist about black empowerment and black liberation. Tucker is known for making extreme statements.

    They or the hosts talk about the 20/20 Leaders of America campaign. I have looked at their website and their memberships. Many of their members are in favor of the BLM movement. Although, I’m not a member of the 2 party system. We know what FOX News is all about. FOX News is afraid of real revolution. Real revolution is not about some milquetoast worship of the police institution (whose origins date back in America to slave patrols against our ancestors). It is about the ending of evil institutions and ending capitalist exploitation, so a system of justice and freedom can exist for all (that includes universal health care for all). It is the transformation of society whereby people have their human rights maintained without oppression. That’s revolution.

    #Black Lives Matter.

    • The 5th MenQce

      “Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of people who oppressing them.” -Assata
      As a community, this is the most conscience and unified we’ve been since the 70s. That’s fearful to them. To realize this way of life they know is a fallacy? We just have to maintain the course and further define our next evolution.

    • You’re correct. During this generation, more black people are waking up. Also, the quote from the heroic Sister Assata Shakur documents the truth in an eloquent fashion that the oppressor can never free us. We can only free ourselves, so we can have true liberation. We have keep on walking in the road towards freedom and advance unity plus community growth.

  • mywordsaremypower

    Why are people so stupid. They are so stupid. This much stupid hurts me to think about. This is the kid of stupid you get mad and realize I’m glad I’m woke. This is the stupidity that gets no one nowhere. This is the stupidity that makes you glad your not stupid. This stupidity is like smelling an infected wound.

    Black people need a all black news organization to set people straight globally. We need a platform that is not scatted but united.So that people have an actual source that is reputable and not listen to stupid people. I’m so mad right now. I cant even with this stupidity.