Every time I venture into a newsstand at the airport I’m reminded of just how limited Black women’s choices are when it comes to magazines with content specifically for us. We know the standard names: Ebony and Essence. But have you heard of Hannah?

Created by Qimmah Saafir, a writer and fact-checker who’s worked at major mags for more than 10 years, Hannah is a bi-annual glossy with the look of a high-fashion magazine that will cater to Black women’s many interests from shoes to sociopolitical issues and beauty tips to tech. And the name has a cool double meaning. In Hebrew, Hannah means “Grace,” but it’s also the name Saafir’s late father used to call the sun. Speaking on her decision to venture into publishing Saafir told The Huffington Post:

“I just started to realize that the publications that I loved weren’t meant for me or weren’t necessarily concerned with representing me or my demographic or what I like.

“We all like different things, so why not have a plethora of magazines that speak to women of color just like they have a plethora of magazines that speak to white women or Asian women. I feel like we deserve to have diversity within our own community — representing the different types of us.”

A look at Hannah’s website already gives you a good idea of what Saafir, who serves as Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, plans to accomplish with a print version, which for now is just a dream — and a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise $30,000 to produce and distribute the inaugural issue of the magazine and maintain ownership of the product. When asked whether she’d sell the mag to a larger publishing company should it take off, Saafir said no thanks.

“I’ve seen what happens to magazines when that happens. It completely shifts the voice and they have to answer to a slew of people that don’t really get it.”

It’s nice to see she gets it. There are only five days left to help Hannah become a print reality. To donate to the campaign, click here.

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