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Donald Trump has referred to Latinos as everything from the most unwanted people, criminals, drug dealers, and rapists. His hate rhetoric has been blasted over the airwaves and his supporters have been coming out in droves. And by coming out, we mean, letting their latino racist flag fly.

Tina Vasquez, a writer at the Guardian, feels that since Trump’s media blitz and attention whoring run for presidency, she’s been subjected to even more racist by white people.

Vasquez writes:

A couple of weeks ago, while I was running errands in my neighborhood, a stranger asked me if I was “illegal”. Around 10 minutes earlier another stranger asked me if I spoke English. Both were white and one of them even called me “senorita.” Then, late last week, I was standing in line to use the ATM when a white man approached me cautiously, asking if I spoke English. He was lost and said he didn’t want to be in a “bad area” longer than he needed to. He was holding a King Taco cup in his hand. I’ve seen white guys like him at the neighborhood taco spot. Stay for the tacos, leave before you have to interact with Mexicans who aren’t serving you.

This is the world Trump wants when he says he’s going to “make America great again.” It’s the America of 1950s TV shows, where people of color don’t exist in the lives of white Americans unless they’re being served or entertained by them. This appears to be a world longed for by many, as a recent poll found that 47% of white Americans look upon Trump “favorably.”

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 29 of my 30 years. As a light-skinned, biracial Latina in one of the most diverse and Mexican-centric cities in the nation, I have never been asked the type of questions I’m now fielding from white people. I’m not the only one experiencing an uptick in seemingly out-of-the-blue racist exchanges. Latina journalist Aura Bogado recently tweeted about a strange interaction at a grocery store. My father recently told me a white neighbor he’s been friendly with since moving into the neighborhood 15 years ago, casually inquired about his citizenship status. As the days go on, I hear more of these kinds of stories from Latino friends and family members.

Trump and his racist cronies will learn fast, that his reign on the top will be short like leprechaun’s. He may be receiving all of the attention now, but it’s because he’s a circus show. People want to see and hear the absurdity he has to say. But it’s this absurdity that is driving white people to commit blatant acts of racism even more.

Trump will get a reality check soon, and it can’t come soon enough. And his supporters? Well they better learn to hablo espanol pretty fast, because with the browning on America, the Spanish language will be needed the next time they try to shade someone in public.

Image Credit: The Guardian

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