Here’s What Happened When Franchesca Ramsey Confronted An ‘All Lives Matter’ Troll At the VMAs

Ramsey & her husband Patrick via Twitter.

Looks like a lot more than Kanye West’s epic speech and Nicki Minaj’s flawless shade went down at Sunday’s VMAs.

During the show, comedian, vlogger, and MTV Decoded host Franchesca Ramsey and her husband also schooled an All Lives Matter troll who called the movement to protect Black lives “bullshit.”

Although Ramsey said she had fun at the VMAs, her night was nearly ruined after her encounter with an audience member who tried to start a fight with Ramsey’s husband Patrick over the couple’s pro-Black Lives Matter stance.

Ramsey and her husband recounted the incident on Twitter.

@Tee_Lynette @chescaleigh I explained the diff in killings of black persons. He said, verbatim, “There’s a reason for that.”

— Patrick (@tieoptional) August 31, 2015

They also filmed the encounter, in which the man literally covered his ears when Ramsey tried to explain why Black Lives Matter was important.

Despite its troubling nature, the incident perfectly illustrates just how unwilling some people are to recognize the importance of affirming the lives of Black people.