Ramsey & her husband Patrick via Twitter.

Looks like a lot more than Kanye West’s epic speech and Nicki Minaj’s flawless shade went down at Sunday’s VMAs.

During the show, comedian, vlogger, and MTV Decoded host Franchesca Ramsey and her husband also schooled an All Lives Matter troll who called the movement to protect Black lives “bullshit.”

Although Ramsey said she had fun at the VMAs, her night was nearly ruined after her encounter with an audience member who tried to start a fight with Ramsey’s husband Patrick over the couple’s pro-Black Lives Matter stance.

Ramsey and her husband recounted the incident on Twitter.

They also filmed the encounter, in which the man literally covered his ears when Ramsey tried to explain why Black Lives Matter was important.

Despite its troubling nature, the incident perfectly illustrates just how unwilling some people are to recognize the importance of affirming the lives of Black people.

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  • Lelani

    According to this troll, these non innocent black lives deserved to be shot down by the state, aka the police. Is this a new white law we need to aware of?

  • Jonah Falcon

    Patrick’s got beautiful blue eyes.

  • noirluv45

    Many people form narratives and there’s no amount of logic that will change their mindset. The man covering his ears wasn’t interested in the truth; therefore, he shut all reason and logic down. If people like this man had to acknowledge the truth about the BLM movement, then he’d have to relinquish every excuse he has for his fear of the unified Black man and woman.

    • Exactly. Black Unity is a very powerful, legitimate force.

    • Duncangal112

      His covering his ears reminds me of the online trolls not wanting to listen to what you have to say despite you explaining it over and over.

    • Hayden

      You mean like the numerous popular feminist websites / youtube channels that turn off ratings and comments on their videos?

  • Mary Burrell

    A white man was trying to have a conversation with me about BLM, and he made a remark about there were more white people killed by cops. I laughed in his face and put my earphones on and went back to listening to my music. This happened on my commute on the train. Wow, does he really believe this?

    • Vintage

      I have heard them say that before and you did the right thing to laugh in his stupid face. When you ask them to show proof of more whites being killed by cops they say ‘well the media doesn’t advertise it as much’. Then how the hell do they know it happens so frequently if the media never reports it?! They don’t believe this noise either, they get their talking points and march like the satan’s soldiers they are.

    • Mary Burrell

      Exactly, I shake my head.

    • FromTokyo

      Let’s say they were: How does that negate the need for the BLM movement? They stay trying to make things about them. Always trying to tit for tat and ignore other people’s needs and concerns in favor of their own, because if it’s not about them and their “struggles,” they don’t want to hear about it. They talk about people rioting after these deaths, yet ignore how they riot if their favorite football/soccer/hockey team doesn’t win. They will go on a campaign about the most innocuous, dumb stuff, yet get mad when black folks complain about legitimate concerns like racism, discrimination, persecution, murder, terrorism, etc. How tiresome! I really can’t take anyone who thinks like them seriously. I don’t blame you for cutting him off because at that point you know that it’s not a conversation worth having.

  • mmmdot

    America has a sickening past, one which has not been reconciled, and instead of a sheepish and apologetic white populous, we have instead arrogance, aggressiveness and continued racism; the shamelessness should be likened to Neo-Nazis in Germany. There is no reason to find the simple phrase or idea of “Black lives matter” “threatening” unless you’re an adherent of white supremacy. Why? Because the notion of Black lives mattering and being valuable enough to defend IS in fact a DIRECT threat to white supremacy. So I find it disgusting that what whites are really demanding is “the right” to be racist – essentially terrorizing Black people and disrespecting our humanity.

    This country is hundreds of years of Nazi Germany, South African Apartheid, and Iraq Occupation rolled into one. It’s a terrorist state in and of itself.