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Howard University has long been considered our country’s preeminent historically Black institutions. While colleges like Spelman, Morehouse, and Hampton also top the list, Howard University’s history, vast alumni network, and storied homecoming festivities has elevated it above the rest.

This week, the university found itself in the middle of a PR disaster when several of its students and alums took to social media to air out grievances about everything from faulty internet connections and no hot water in dorms, to difficulties registering for classes and slow responses from the university’s financial aid office under the hashtag #TakeBackHU.

Friday, students also took their complaints straight to university administration in person.

After #TakeBackHU became a top trending topic, university president Wayne Frederick took to Twitter to respond to students.

Despite the uproar, Howard University students want the public to know they still love their institution, they just want it to improve.

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