“It’s always amazing to have more women in leadership powers especially in science fiction and film… We have so many dynamic women in this world and we all deserve a chance to let our light shine.” — Janelle Monáe

CoverGirl and spokewoman/singer Janelle Monáe have teamed up with global creative design director and makeup legend Pat McGrath for a limited edition StarWars makeup collection. Drawing inspiration from the upcoming film “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” the CoverGirl team created seven futuristic beauty looks using the brand’s new limited edition Star Wars collection.

“I am one of the biggest Star Wars fans,” Monae told Yahoo Beauty. She recalls the first time she saw the films. “I was so taken aback by the set design, the costumes, Princess Leia’s hair, Luke [Skywalker] — this person leading and doing good with his influence. When I saw it, it just stuck with me. Throughout all of my work I have a strong science-fiction element, and George Lucas and his wife Mellody [Hobson], they’re mentors to me. I got the chance to talk to him and ask him so many questions, and I’m just so thankful to be a part of this campaign.”

Janelle Monáe on her ‘Resistance Pilot’ beauty character look: “Out of the seven characters, she’s the most easy breezy,” says Monae. “She’s daring. For me, I’ve chosen to wear black and white, and every now and again I have a little prestige, a pop of color, and as you can see it’s this bright orange. It’s really good to be inspired by her character and switch it up and take you all by surprise. We have different sides of ourselves, so it’s always great through makeup and through clothing to show off a different side of your personality.”

The limited edition CoverGirl collection consists of six lipsticks, three nail polishes, and 10 mascaras ranging from $5 to $8. To check out more images view our slideshow.

Image Credits: CoverGirl/Getty Images

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