Just when you thought everyone was trying to be black these days, an entertainer who’s actually African-American goes and pulls the “Don’t Label Me a Negro” card.

It’s hard to explain the coming out of sorts K. Michelle had a couple of nights ago when she essentially denounced R&B music in favor of embracing everything stereotypically white like “rock, country, and men who wear tight jeans.” But speaking of men, don’t expect a K-Idris Elba reunion anytime soon because the former reality star is “really not into Black men right now”  either. Here’s what she posted on Instagram announcing her new-found color-line crossing freedom:

After all these years im free! I'm ok with me. I danced and laughed so hard tonight. For some Strange reason I've been very accepting of me. I love me. Im different but I'm a good ass person. I love sunflowers, gummy bears, wild animals, and sorry I don't listen to R&B music right now, it just bores me. I love rock, country, men who wear tight jeans and have foreign accents. I love me a handsome Caucasian man, I'm really not into black men right now. They can date outside their race , so can I!!! Where im from gangstas don't tweet beef and I actually love the size of my ass. I believe hateful instagram comments are for ugly girls who are losers. I believe I'm not black or white but I'm actually a mermaid. I believe there is no talent required to be in the music industry. I believe the color of my skin shouldn't determine the genre of my music! I believe it's ok for me not to give a fuck anymore. I believe I'm supposed to motivate those I can. I believe In the power of a smile. Im proud to say that I've warned every urban gossip site to never post me again (balleralert) or I'll post their addy, phone number, and picture. That's only fair right? I Believe that pouring salt around the bed keeps the sex demons away. I really do Believe Rasheeda does rap like Shawty Lo. Just like she believed it was ok to call me liar about my abuse. Smh. I Believe I'm not crazy but everyone else around me is. I believe my old manager isn't suing me for money but because his stomach is very heavy to carry around. He also doesn't want me to tell he's sleeping with his staff and his artist. Opps😁 I believe that there is only 1 Iyanla and all you people who want to offer your advice below in my comments should sit and spin! I AM FREE TO BE ME. I forgot that! Social media and people have made me feel like my thoughts and opinions were wrong! I'm entitled to feel! I don't care if you like it or not!!!!! I'm Kimberly. I'm back! Either you rock with it or you don't! I'm happy as shit FINALLY! I KNOW I've been given this platform to be vocal. Call me crazy but I wanna see every woman find something that makes them feel something. I want you 2b great, way better than me🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

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Oh K.

Date whomever you want, please, by all means, be my guest. But if we call out black men for pitting black and white women against each other in their explanations for dating outside of their race we have to react the same when black women do it — especially when said woman follows that up with a claim that she’s a colorless mermaid. Did K. Michelle not see what happened to Raven-Symoné when she pulled a similar move on Oprah last year? God bless her mentions right now.
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