In today’s “this is what they think of you” news, Minneapolis residents are upset after discovering that the supplemental reading material for children was rife with stereotypes.

The books were created by Reading Horizons and the Minneapolis school board paid $1.2 million for the reading materials. But the books not only have a Black character named ‘Lazy Lucy’, but also states that Christopher Columbus, discovered America and has a photo of an American Indian girl named “Nieko the Hunting Girl.”

The school district is now requesting a refund.

“Reading Horizons needs to step up to the table,” Board Member Carla Bates said during a school board meeting Tuesday, the Star Tribune reports.

“I want them to bring me a check, bring you a check, bring the taxpayers of Minneapolis a check.” Bates added.

Laura Axtell, Reading Horizons’ curriculum implementation coordinator, says the company has never received complaints about the books.

“We have not received feedback like this in the past. Nobody has complained,” Axtell said. “That doesn’t matter to us, because as soon as we became aware of the concerns in Minneapolis, we took action.”

Image Credits: The Star Tribune

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  • Me

    So Minneapolis doesn’t read what it’s planning to teach its children before buying it?

  • ApMillz-CT

    Lazy Lucy, huh?? How about “inbred Beth” wtf is wrong with these people? Ugh

  • mywordsaremypower

    I’m sure you can preview the stuff you are going to distribute among students. Like who was thinking this is okay, maybe the kids will not notice, but heck they will. I’m making sure when I have kids they know racialism is a thing., never to early to let them know people like this are still around. SMH.

  • Axtell not receiving complaints in the past never justifies this at all. The previous policy, of allowing those racist books to be used in those schools, is wrong. Christopher Columbus (who was a murderous terrorist) never discovered America. People of color were in America thousands of years long before Columbus came into the Caribbean. Minneapolis residents deserve the truth to be shown to its children.

  • Ms. A

    So because they “never received complaints” they are saying this is not an issue? How can Lazy Lucy be LAZY while runninng in hot weather?

    Usain Bolt, Flo Jo and Mike Johnson are Lazy Lucy’s too?