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Just when we thought Amandla Stenberg couldn’t get any more awesome, she goes and one-ups her awesomeness in the best way ever. There’s been much talk about the lack of black faces in the comic book genre and we are proud to say the 16-year-old is helping to even the scales a bit with the creation of an animated series centered around a black warrior woman, “Niobe: She is Life.”

The comic will follow the life of protagonist Niobe Ayutami, a half-elf, half-human warrior, who’s on a journey of self-discovery and a mission to save the world. Stenberg told the HuffingtonPost in a statement:

“I was drawn to give voice to Niobe and co-write her story because her journey is my journey. I connect to her mixed racial background and quest to discover her innate powers and strengths, to learn who she truly is. “She is on a path to a destiny that will test her faith and her will, something we can all relate to.  But there’s never been a character quite like her — one who shatters the traditional ideal of what a hero is. We need more badass girls!”

You can say that again.


Stenberg partnered with Stranger Comics, a multi-platform publishing company, to bring Niobe to life as well as Ashley A. Woods, a Black illustrator.

“Niobe Ayutami is our hope. Both in the real world and the world of dreams,” Woods told HuffPo. She is courageous, beautiful, flawed, brave, and has the tenacity to follow through with her convictions.

Niobe is Amandla… and I am honored to see them grow together into someone quite special,” she Woods told Huff Po adding that the character is “Someone I can follow. A hero for our time.”

“Niobe: She is Life” will make its debut November 4.

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