Nylon mag found itself on the wrong side of the BeyHive after it tweeted that Miley Cyrus “outdid” Beyoncé by dropping a free album after the VMAs.

While I totally get what Nylon was trying to say–both Bey and Miley released surprised albums–proclaiming that anybody, especially Miley Cyrus, “outdid” Queen Yoncé is blasphemous to her rabid fans.

As you’d imagine, the reaction from the BeyHive was swift….and hilarious.

Nylon’s Twitter mentions were in such shambles, the magazine was forced to, ehem, bow down to the BeyHive.

But even that wasn’t quite good enough for Bey’s fans.

Welp, I’m sure Nylon will think twice before erroneously mentioning Beyonce again because the BeyHive will definitely be watching.

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