too dark for London club

DSTRKT, a popular London nightclub frequented by American celebs like Drake, Rihanna, and Jay-Z, is under fire today after four women claim they were denied entry because of their race.

According to Zalika Miller, an actress and presenter, she and her friends weren’t allowed into the club because they were deemed “too dark” and “too fat.”

“Prior to us actually getting to the club, the [promoter] wanted pictures of the girls that my friend was going to bring,” Miller told London’s Black newspaper The Voice. “He basically said, if she was going to bring Black girls then they’ve got to be of ‘a certain caliber. She sent him pictures of me and another girl that was coming and I guess he gave his approval.”

Apparently, their pre-approval didn’t mean anything in the end. When the group got to the West London club they were told they couldn’t get in.

Miller’s friend, Lin Mei, who was in contact with the club promoter, explained what happened.

“Once at the front of queue, the lady at the door asked us whose list we were on,” she explained via email.

The hostess then disappeared into the club, but returned minutes later to say the venue was full. Mei called her friend Daniel, who told the group to wait for his arrival so he could get them in.

“Daniel then called me and stated Ugo Allessio (the manager) needed to see all girls,” she explained.

Allessio requested the women line up against a wall across the street so he could size them up via closed circuit TV.

“When I told the girls they were disgusted,” Mei said.

Minutes later, Daniel met the women outside and told them they wouldn’t be allowed into DSTRKT.

“Daniel came over to me and stated it’s because the girls are too dark,” Mei explained via email.

Daniel, Mei said, was confused because he felt all of the women were attractive, but the manager of the club wouldn’t budge.

Faced with this upsetting info, Mei went to speak with Allessio to see why the group was being turned away. According to Mei, Allessio said she could come in because (she’s biracial), but her friends could not.

Mei shared screenshots of her text conversation on Twitter.

(before Saturday night…)

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 6.26.00 PM

(After they were barred from the club)


After Miller, Mei, and their friends shared their ordeal on social media, they began to hear from other Londoners that they’ve also been discriminated against at DSTRKT, as well as other clubs.


They also heard from one young woman who worked as a promoter at DSTRKT, whose own friends weren’t allowed into the club because they were Black.

The women are organizing a protest for Tuesday and hope they can prevent this from happening to other Black Londoners in the future.

Have you ever been denied entry to a nightclub because of your race?

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  • Nupus 327

    if you’ve ever been there.. you would know that this is the most stupid story ever! the queue is on either side of the wall so… i owner where they would have stood to do this. cheap publicity.

  • Jimmy Williams

    Re: White Feminazist Movement Rolls On – no room for the black women in that movement. Have you noticed the photos posted on that club’s site is mostly white women and men they can sleep with. Not many black women. They don’t want the competition. The only group these feminazists fear more than the white man is the black woman.

  • Myra Esoteric

    I’ve been denied entry to pretty much every nightclub I’ve tried to visit. I might not be dark skinned but I emphatically do not fit the beauty standard for my ethnicity and definitely not the Western standard of beauty.

    There’s definitely a racist undertone – although sometimes I see a bouncer who is black or Hispanic let in those sorority type of skinny white, black, Asian and Hispanic chicks.

    It’s not even elite clubs. I couldn’t even get into a metal show once.

  • Abcde

    Here’s my douchey opinion: Nightclubs always struggle with bringing enough girls. They should let in any girls that show up, unless it’s a whole group of extreme fatties. As for the racism, I’d say that black girls are harmless but black guys can be big trouble (if they come in big groups). Then again, I’m an American redneck so I’m biased.