DSTRKT Nightclub came under fire when a group of friends said they weren’t allowed entry into the club because they were too dark and fat.

Zalika Miller told the Voice about the incident.

“Prior to us actually getting to the club, the [promoter] wanted pictures of the girls that my friend was going to bring,” Miller told London’s Black newspaper The Voice. “He basically said, if she was going to bring Black girls then they’ve got to be of ‘a certain caliber. She sent him pictures of me and another girl that was coming and I guess he gave his approval.”

Doug Wendel, the head of marketing for the club, spoke yesterday when a protest was held in front of the club.

“I don’t speak for the club, I speak for myself,” he told the group of black women.

And stated that he had nothing to apologize for.

Coincidentally, as he was speaking Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s ex, was making her way into the club for an appearance.

In an interview with The Voice, Wendel spoke about the alleged incident: “Because the allegations are false, there’s no proof that we have refused a guest because of race or discrimination.”

“The messages from who? They’re not members of staff, they don’t work for DSTRKT. I cannot be responsible for the words of third parties, they do not work for the venue, they provide a service for the venue,” he said.

Wendel stated, as a reference to the bouncers and guards working the doors.


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  • mywordsaremypower

    They say there is no proof. It is all over social media. So I’m guessing those messages are not from someone who works at the club then, Why you lyin’ for hehe? . They must think we are stupid. The reason why they are not apologizing is because they don’t want to get their egos bruised anymore then they have too and they know they are in the wrong and blaming it on people who none existent is so childish.Where has this person who did work there go?, probably in the back saying yes massa!. This makes me laugh they are trying to make black twitter look stupid. They blocked their twitter account and one of the white promoters was tweeting racist stuff as well, his account has gone too. Everything looks bad, just admit it because your dignity is being dragged up and down social media, where is you PR Team?

    • Thank you for the information. These bigots always try to cover their nefarious tracks.

    • mywordsaremypower

      just go to twitter and find #dstrkt its all there to see.

  • “I don’t speak for the club, I speak for myself,” he told the group of black women.

    Goes back in and asks how high to jump.

  • The Pr person is a total disgrace.

    I’m not surprised at the words from that person. Social media and the testimony of the black women should be honored. Basically, Doug is calling the Sisters liars, which is truly abysmally disrespectful. Our intelligence shouldn’t be insulted here. This club is trying to save face. This club should be boycotted and this is why when we unity and set up our own institutions, then our power grows. We don’t need to beg acceptance from people who doesn’t respect us in the first place. The statement from Doug is certainly an example of how racists who use the tactic of deflection and deception in other for them to omit the importance of how racism is an evil that must be confronted and defeated.


    There is another link of a person exposing the racism of the club yet again from 2014.

  • i mean

    Did you see the video of Chris Brown’s ex Karate being protested for hosting at the club a few days later? I’m glad people are pulling Kermit’s card and shaming her. Karen should know better.

    • Anonin

      She might of had a contract or something but she’s always shamelessly been about her own coins like that Blue Ivy incident.

    • Mary Burrell