The White House is all abuzz this evening as the Obamas host China’s President Xi Jinping for his first official state dinner.

While the pomp and circumstance of the occasion is impressive, First Lady Michelle Obama stole the show.

Dressed in a black, mermaid Vera Wang gown, Mrs. Obama looked absolutely gorgeous as she and the president were announced.

Even President Obama had to pause and take a moment to revel in Mrs. Obama’s beauty.

Can you blame him?


After almost 23 years of marriage, the Obamas are still madly in love. #RelationshipGoals

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  • Thats my President and First Lady!!! Beyond Beautiful!!!

  • *NmySkynn70*

    Love it, she looks stunning but the “haters” said she was dressed inappropriate for such a dinner, she looks more like she’s going to an star-filled awards ceremony and that she was trying to be a Kim K. wanna b. I was too through!!

    • I feel you Sister. The haters are talking out of their assets like usual. First Lady Michelle Obama looked stunning and gorgeous in the White House State Dinner.

    • *NmySkynn70*

      well said my Brotha! on point & on time as always. Have a blessed Sunday ;-)

    • Thank you Sister. You have been dropping great science as well. Have a Blessed Sunday too. ;-)

  • vintage3000

    I love our First Lady and she does look radiant in her dress, love her hair and she and her husband look so happy together. But I will be honest, my first thought was that her dress was inappropriate for a state dinner; like i know the correct attire for an event like that-lol. It’s not a freakem dress but she looks like an elegant bombshell, like old Hollywood glamorous (something I kinda aspire to sometimes, btw) and all eyes are on her, I don’t even notice the Pres and those Chinese people. Which is not a bad thing i suppose, but I will definitely miss her after next year because we will never have such an inspiring First Lady ever again.

  • Dr.Rue

    I love me some Michelle!!