Sanaa Lathan is a woman of many talents and up until this past weekend we had no clue singing about emotional men was one of them.

Coinciding with the release of her No. 1 hit movie, The Perfect Guy, Lathan released a track on Soundcloud called Emotional where she advised a man, “fall back, and let him miss you” before announcing, repeatedly, on the chorus, “I don’t really deal with emotional n*ggas.”

We won’t lie, the tune is catchy, if (1) you’ve ever dealt with an emo dude, (2) you don’t mind casually throwing the n-word around, and (3) you can get past a 43-year-old Lathan releasing a track with this type of prose.

It’s the latter two points that stopped some of the actress’s fans in their tracks, with the singer who proudly announced she stepped out of her comfort zone releasing this song also being booted from the sophisticated and classy box many had put her in as well.

And even that most could get past if this single wasn’t backed up by a seeming admission of dating French Montana, whom she thanked on IG for the encouragement to release the track.

When asked about rumors she’s dating the Bronx-born rapper during a radio interview with Big Boi yesterday, Lathan delivered the classic, “I don’t talk about my personal life” line and then followed that up with: “Let’s put it this way, I am dating.” Given French ‘s history, we’re pretty sure if you weren’t dating the man who brought us such derogatory classics as “Ocho Cinco” one would say so. So we’re just gonna assume Lathan is.

And that’s cool. She’s a big girl, a very grown woman, and 20 years into the industry she’s maintained a relatively spotless messy record. We just have a few reservations about “hanging out” with a man who ever stepped anywhere near the Kardashians (please don’t get caught up in that web girl!) and who inspires such melodies as “I just want to let you know you acting like these other hoes.” Perhaps the image of Lathan as the reserved good girl has been off all these years and she’s finally showing us how she really gets down. Or maybe instead of “being too old” for these types of moves and having a mid-life crisis, as some have suggested, she’s just having a little fun being a successful 40-something in Hollywood. We can’t call it.

Check out the song and Sanaa Lathan’s interview below. What do you think is up with her?


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