Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett is passionate about football and Black Lives Matter. On the heels Richard Sherman going “All lives matter” and lecturing people about black-on-black crime, Bennett’s stance is the complete opposite.

In a press conference on Thursday, Bennett made his stance clear and provided a strong rebuttal against Sherman:

Oh yes, I was reading Richard Sherman’s quotes yesterday. I would like to say I disagree with some of the things that he said yesterday. I think when people talk about the black lives matter thing, I think he’s misinterpreting it, that black people kill black people, white people kill white people. People kill people every day.

I think the black lives thing is more about the social injustice, not so much the injustice of people killing within the community, it’s about the social injustice of the people that is supposed to protect them,and building the community through the black community. Not just black people too, because you see a lot of people within the Black Lives Matters organization that are white, Spanish, they are all dealing with the same type of hardships that are going on around the world.

I think sometimes people don’t take the time to look into what things really believe, or what’s really going on in the world, and I think when you say something and are in the position he is in, I think sometimes people take it and run with it. I think there are a lot of murders in a lot of communities, but a lot of time it deals with the segregation within the communities around the world. You look around, there is a white neighborhood, a black neighborhood, a Spanish neighborhood, instead of just calling them all American neighborhoods, or American communities. I think a lot of times people just get intertwined with different people and they don’t understand about what is going on in the world.

I think black lives matter a lot, and I agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. And I think a lot of times of people just don’t understand the movement or things that are going on, and it’s all about education and things like that too.

(inaudible question)

Well we had a conversation about it. His opinion is different from mine. My opinion is, I believe in the things that people are trying to do. These things go all the way back to 1955, to Emmett Till. You gotta think about it, the last hanging in America was in the 60s. There’s a lot of social injustice that’s been going on for awhile.

One of my favorite people that I read about all the time is Dick Gregory. I go back checking out his books, and you see what’s going on within the community and the world. Now people are starting to see people for who they are, and not just their color. There is still a small amount of people that want people to see people for their color and not their character’s that they have or the person that they come with or the person who they are or how they were raised. People are too worried about if he’s Spanish or if he’s black or if he’s Chinese, and not just talking to them and saying we’re all just people at the end of the day.


What’s amazing is that Bennett clearly understands the goals of Black Lives Matter and isn’t afraid to speak out in defense of the organization and the activists who stand behind it.

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  • mariah asphalt

    Good Going Michael! Richard Sherman is just mimicking what the offenders are saying. He is supporting the criminals that commit these monstrous crimes against Black people. He lives in a different world than I live in.

    • Michael Bennett

      My son is a smart man. Love you man. See you in Green Bay. Proud father

    • Bless your son Brother.

    • mariah asphalt

      I don’t doubt that your son is a smart man, and he is a very skilled quarterback, but he missed the boat on this one.

  • RaiseTheBar

    I commend Michael Bennett for having that convo with Sherman.

    I’m going to step out and give the benefit of the doubt about those that DON’T GET IT re: #BlackLivesMatter.

    It is about QUALITY of LIFE disparities that are directly connected to SLAVERY and the european occupying of this Land of Indigenous Americans (Native American Indians).

    I am well aware that no matter the color of one’s skin, he/she is an INDIVIDUAL. I live that. But, I’ve spent enough time in J.O.B.(#Jus-Over-Broken) environments where no matter the individual(s) personal life story(ies) their caucasian persuasion at the very least afforded them empathy/sympathy that translated into tangible opportunities to improve their quality of lives because they had the complexion connection.

    BLACKs never got their 40acres and a mule. NONE of the Land nor any of the Material Wealth “claimed” by europeans was distributed amongst the primary groups of individuals who were TORTURED (Native Americans, African America) for the Hypocracy of proclaiming “Land of the FREE and HOME of the Brave”.

    America, The World Knows Your Lies.

    So America, STOP attempting to IGNORE History. STOP ALL attempts to Re-write History:

    #Hell-NO: Africans were SLAVES in this country. They were FREED — The End.

    #BlackLivesMatter is ACTION to QUALITY of LIVES DISPARITIES still in 2015. Don’t add Insult to INJURY with Ignorance/Stupidity — these disparities are entrenched in America’s SLAVE History. It’s America’s Ugly TRUTH. Civil Disobedience are Ramifications of that Ugly TRUTH. When INDIVIDUALS are in distress, they will lash out at those closest to them — Family, Community. SO, NOOOO Pass to a Self-Proclaimed DEMOCRACY for these vast DISPARITIES because of challenges within Family and Community.

    This sh*t trickled down from the TOP!

    • elle D.

      Standing O to you, Thank you for breaking it all the way down.

  • The United States has a long, controversial. The land in America has experienced theft, bloodshed, genocide, and slavery. That is why progressive people stood up to fight for the necessity changes that ought to be exposed. We want justice for all and we mean it. I am glad that Michael Bennett set the record straight and told the truth about the real intentions of the Black Lives Movement. The Black Lives Matter has never advocated the ignoring or the minimization of combating intraracial crime. It is a movement that wants to end police terrorism and other evil injustices plaguing world society. It is a movement that is strong, diverse, and it is fear by the forces of reaction and the racists. Misconceptions about movements are common place and we won’t stop. We realize that social injustice existed long before the 20th century. We know that police terror is not a recent phenomenon too. For example, FBI informants and the Chicago Police Department murdered Fred Hampton (who was organizing people, creating truces, and helping people in other ways in Chicago) and Mark Clark in cold blood back in December of 1969. We know how FBI informants were involved in the murder of civil rights activists. We know of the Rampart Scandal of the LAPD.

    So, we have a legitimate grievance when we publicly speak out against the corruption found in the police institution. We want communal unity. Selfishness doesn’t work. Looking out just for ourselves doesn’t work as exemplified in how that same selfish mentality contributed to the 21st Great Recession. Many of the racists refuse to accept the truth that America is not God and America contributed to a great deal of oppression found in the world (as Jefferson, Washington, Patrick Henry, etc. were slave owners. The U.S. political elites collaborated with European imperial powers to oppress Africans, Caribbeans, Asians, etc.).

    Also, we realize the gallant, courageous efforts of many Americans who want progressive change from Malcolm X, Ella Baker, Dr. King, Ida B. Wells, etc. So, our eyes are on the prize. We will work in social activism. We don’t have nihilism in our hearts. We have love in our hearts. We want change. Following the status quo is not change. Change is a transformation of society where the general welfare is advanced (in addressing class oppression, ecocide, and other evils) and where black people will have total human liberation. That’s change.

  • Chazz A

    I commend Mr Bennett for stepping up. The irony of this situation is that the same people who were yelling thug and other racial slurs at Sherman last year, are the same ones applauding his latest tap dancing comments about the BLM. I don’t expect this kind hypocritical criticism coming from a brother that grew up in the inner city. He knows what the struggle is about.
    But after all, he needs to appease those who cut his checks and for that, todays tap dancing award goes to Mr Sherman.

    • You’re right. We all know about the struggle and the complexities of society.

    • elle D.

      I get why he feels the need to appease, but I don’t really understand the lack of courage it takes to live that kind of life. I see people like Jesse Williams, the actor, who has no fu–s to give and I remember it really isn’t that hard to be free AND make money.

    • mariah asphalt

      For sure Chazz. Last year white haters ripped Sherman a new one because he cheered his achievements. Now, they are successfully using him as their puppet to malign BLM. Whenever Black people stand up and lift voices, white racism rears its ugly head. They want us to love them and hate ourselves. Unfortunately, their goal to all too often realized with those people like and Sherman and others like him like Michael Jordan.

    • Chazz A

      “They want us to love them and hate ourselves”
      Now that is right on point Mariah, no doubt!