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We all know Snoop Dogg loves to smoke a little sticky icky, but now he’s investing in the booming cannabis industry too.

Monday, Snoop took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, a conference about tech startups in San Francisco, to announce his partnership with Ted Chung called Merry Jane. According to the legendary rapper, Merry Jane will be a “premier media platform at the center of cannabis and pop culture” that will marry two of Snoop’s biggest loves.

“After watching where the cannabis industry is headed, I wanted to create a platform that will take this movement further,” Snoop said. “Merry Jane is a game-changing platform for pop culture.”

Snoops hopes to capitalize on the super profitable legalized weed industry, which clocked in around $257 million last year in Colorado alone.

Merry Jane will include editorial content, like the documentary series Deflowered, which will interview folks from every aspect of the cannabis industry, from politicians and doctors, to celebrities who love weed as much as Snoop.

In the first installment of Deflowered, two Marine vets discuss their post-service use of medical marijuana to deal with re-entry into civilian society.

Currently, the site is in beta form and will allow 420 users (yes, really) per day until its official launch in October.

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