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None of us really knows the answer to the genocide, or so it’s been called, that’s being unleashed on the black community in America right now, but most would agree silence is not a solution. And while there are some entertainers who let their celebrity go to waste, refusing to discuss more than their latest projects in order to avoid rocking the boat — or the wallet — the stars here bring new meaning to the phrase “stay woke,” speaking out on the racism, cultural appropriation and police brutality running rampant in society every single chance they get.

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  • Vintage

    It’s surprising to see Solange wearing an American flag bikini and standing in front of the USA flag. But when I think about it, we have just as much right to wear it as anyone else. Not my style, but it’s an interesting dynamic for any Black activist who chooses it to make a point.

  • FromTokyo

    This list looks a little funny considering (aside from other horrid things she’s said) A.B. just called a black woman a “tar baby” and the n-word.

    She needs help, not enabling.