There’s a strange new trend catching on with some men in Nigeria–tattooing their bottom lip pink.

While some have called the move feminine, one tattoo artist said that’s not the reason men are choosing to permanently color their lips. So what gives? Apparently, to some, black lips are scary.

“When people go for interviews, they will look at their face and lips, and people will be scared of their lips because they are black,” John, a tattoo artist, explained in a video by Nigerian news outlet BattaBox.

John allowed BattaBox to film while he tattooed a customer’s lip and explained he sees 7 to 10 men per day who want the procedure.

The painful session takes about 30 minutes, but according to John, it lasts forever if coupled with a special cream he sells to customers.

While it’s unclear just how popular this trend is, one customer said he has a very specific reason why he wanted to get it done.

“It’s a mens fashion label,” the customer told BattaBox. “It’s to get the girls.”

Hmm…I’m thinking there’s an easier–and safer–way to impress women.

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