Taraji P. Henson may not have won an Emmy Sunday night for her portrayal of  Cookie Lyon on Fox’s hit drama Empire, but she gave us all a master class on how to be an awesome friend.

During the evening, Henson released the “YAAAAAAAASSSS” heard ’round the world when she announced Regina King won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for her role in American Crime. 


But that wasn’t the end of Henson’s enthusiasm for her fellow sisters in Hollywood. She got emotional all over again when Viola Davis made history as the first Black woman to take home the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, an honor many thought Henson would win.


Last night, Henson looked amazing, but it was her genuine love for Davis and King that made us all wish she was part of our squad.

Every woman needs a friend like Taraji, and here are 5 reasons why.

#1 She’s genuinely happy for your success

#2 She’s your biggest cheerleader

#3 Your happiness makes her happy too

#4 She has your back, no matter who’s around

#5 You always have a great time together, even when you’re just hanging at home

Do you have a friend like Taraji in your crew? 

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  • How do we really know these women are supportive of each other’s success? Truth is, we don’t. What else was Taraji supposed to do after she announced Regina’s name? What else was she supposed to do when Viola won?

    This type of thing happens in Hollywood daily. See it with my own two eyes. People hug you and celebrate you when you win yet talk about you negatively behind your back as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

    I wasn’t impressed with any of it because I know how it all goes down. The fact that the writer of this post is so impressed with it doesn’t say much for the state of black “sisterhood” does it?

    • reese

      Please Yvonne Chase…no matter what your background or what/which group(s) you identify…you are of a consciousness that we pray awakens. Your experiences, while truly your own, are nonetheless, a reflection of you, the beholder. I submit, if the there is a theme to all you bear witness to …be certain, it is a theme that reflects in your outer world of experience because of the mirror from which it emanates…You. It is crystal clear, you seek to stir the pot of disharmony with your comments. Why? As to that, I am not sure. It is highly probable, you are not a person of color. You posted picture presented is probably false and you are an imposter. Maybe to get replies or something to do with promoting the article or perhaps, you look for replies to give you a platform to espouse your low light disparaging energy or cause others to fight amongst themselves to prove your point ? Again, not sure. If all of what I said is not so and that is you…well you have my deepest sympathy because you probably are trapped in the false thoughts of your own thinking, thereby producing or aligning with such outcomes as you have described. Still, it is clear you are hiding behind some sort of agenda. As for what you say…”How do we really know these women are supportive of each other’s success?” Well, Yvonne (if that is your name) since we both get to see it how we see it, and believe what we will. That being the case, I choose to believe these women are supportive of each other’s success. Because, you know what…to quote you… “I too have seen it with my own two eyes.” By the way which one is it … to quote you yet again …”It’s called recognizing another person’s humanity and being kind” (OR) “People hug you and celebrate you when you win yet talk about you negatively behind your back as soon as the opportunity presents itself.” Your two thoughts are bumping into one another creating a house divided. I think we call it a contradiction ~ Blessings

    • Millie

      Boom. well said

    • I still stand by my comment. And yes my name is Yvonne and yes that is my real photo.

      The fact that blogs have been written about the supposed “sisterhood” at the Emmys says a whole lot about the state of black women.

      Why is it a big deal that Taraji hugged Viola? It’s a big deal because black women are known to do the opposite to each other otherwise this blog post would’ve never been written.

      And scene…

    • reese

      Respectfully, I stand corrected in stating you are not posting as who you say you are. I googled you. My apologies for thinking you might be an imposter.

      Yvonne, its not that I disagree, of what you speak . For certain, such energy has a presence in the world. Never seen anything that exist that isn’t a two sided coin. That’s the nature of life. But I do think you espouse a mirror which showcases, more the lesser imbalance of black women in sisterhood rather than, what I have witnessed to be more the norm of joy in our sisters for one another. More so, I guess its the tone in which you wrote your post…the energy in which you presented your side of the coin. The way you expressed the dissonance of harmony in the discord of your utterance tends only to perpetuate and potentially adds another broken ember of sameness… a presence which continues to break down and deposits more contamination, working towards diminishing the bond of black sisterhood.

      Hmm…your retort about blogging also seems a bit lopsided in thought. Your web presence allows me to perceive that you may know a thing or two about the platform of blogging, seeing that it is something you strongly do on your sites.

      At a glance, your internet presence seems to be of a different expression vs the tone of your initial post in this forum? Your profile list you as a coach…interesting? Can’t help but raise my eyebrow on that one. Not concerning your level of experience but how you render help to others in the world who hire you…especially our black women, my God, even our your black sisters -which appears, at least somewhat, to be part of the audience you share and offer your gifts. Is this part of what you teach to your tribe? Are these tweet-able thoughts you are willing to stand behind fully…not just in your personal life but in your professional life without thought of responsibility?

      Blogging is not, in most cases as simplistic as you describe. Blogging for MOST business mindsets, or those desirous to attract business, is a powerful tool whereas bloggers can initially contact and connect with an audience of potential customers/consumers/subscribers. It can be and is often used to draw in, hone in on, magnetize a bloggers, perspective ideal audience and/or client to the offer. These potential customers/consumers/subscribers who follow a persons blog, if the blogger resonates with them, the hope is that the blog can then capture a client or lead person(s) to the unfolding of some type of offer, e.g., a business launch, subscription, class, etc. Thereby, inviting the customers/consumers/subscribers into an experience which ultimately causes them to become a repeat user or client, buying one’s products and services. Or, is blogging now being done with another purpose in mind these days?

      Sticking with your premise in reasoning; regarding blogging, I submit, it must also be a real big deal for women at the Emmys, caucasian or otherwise, who are too, caught in the act of in good nature, falsely hugging each other up . Goodness knows, I’ve witnessed a many blogs and seen a many pictures which are put on wide display, posting a garden variety of women, hugged up in snapshots, who are other than black…deep in the throes of ‘ a room without roof’ happiness for the other. Are the majority of them also guilty of your audacious charge?

      I would venture to say, in high majority of instances a blog is written not because of something as you say is “supposed.” Nope. These days people love to feed the fire and just come right out and say what they mean. If a blogger, wants to start the kind of fire you allude to (that’s what I call it)….they don’t leave it to assumption by the reader in blogging about it, hoping the reader will pick up on its underlying tone. Rather, again for many, they just, blatantly call it out. Blogging is a business of economics. It is a dollars game. As a business woman, is that not, on some level why you do it Yvonne?

      You know Yvonne, again, life is the mirror which reflects back the consciousness of its beholder. While I surely can not disqualify your experience, as one who works in the entertainment industry, I also can not say that that what you espouse is the “norm” of my experience either. We both have our personal experience and see it the way we see it. No matter. It’s cool. Your thoughts are not mine, and mine not yours.

      That being said, I guess it is …What It Is. I have no clever closing like your…no “And scene…” to leave you with. Only blessings beautiful sister. I do wish you all the best in how you include others.

      P.S. See we sisters can love on one another and really mean it …at least I know I do : )

  • America… PLEASE pay attention to THIS REALITY TV!!!! Not that mess on whatever channels exploiting and glorifying stupidity!

  • Keith Banks

    It was nice to see Mrs. Henson showing true professionalism. Yes, she could acted a butt for not winning the Emmy Mrs. Davis won. But Mrs. Henson CHOSE to show America both women and men how to act on stage when you don’t win. Even more Mrs. Henson’s actions showed that she was truly happy for both Mrs. King and Mrs. Davis. And for once my heart was happy to see that. Women of color looking good and supporting each other success. I wish there were more examples on TV that shows that.