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Apple Music had great timing when it came to promoting their music service. During Sunday night’s Emmys, the music giant picked a primetime advertising spot and showcased some of our faves.

Can you picture Mary J, Taraji and Kerry just kicking it? Well thankfully to the skills of Ava DuVernay, the commercial featuring the 3 women seemed as though you were spying on one of their girl’s nights in.

“The turn-up is real! Let me ask you a question: ‘What made you blow the dust off of Slick Rick?’ ” Henson asks. As they roll up to Mary’s house.


In true fashion, once the music starts pumping, the women start dancing. What do you expect from east coast ladies? One can only imagine the off-screen fun they had making this commercial.

Apple plans on unveiling 4 more commercials directed by DuVernay over the next couple of weeks.


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  • Sisterhood is always wonderful.

  • binks

    This was a super cute commercial and very realistic.

  • Joy Kaine

    So for real…love it!

  • Fake different shades of those saying not “Dark Skin” insult not gong sell or appease the ratings. Mary is your, choice “Blonde’ original hair I know you don’t care anyway Kerry and Taraji egoism so inflated. Not bemuse Apple Inc. lacks diversity hiring whom ladies Blacks, opposition using celebrities choice. To allow the bigotry when speak of diversity going use musical influence. Dr.Dre did you suggest they get selected: pompous insult. Sista’s doing for what enhance there popularity nothing more!